In a recently gone viral video, hospital nurses in Bihar were seen thrashing youths with sticks for allegedly making video on hospital’s mismanagement. The incident was reported from Chhapra district hospital in Bihar’s Saran district. Reportedly, the two whistleblowers had taken videos of the alleged mismanagement in the hospital, which enraged the nurses.

In the video gone viral, multiple nurses are seen thrashing two men mercilessly with sticks. The two youths can be seen pleading for forgiveness and asks the nurses to stop beating them. However, the nurses continue to thrash them with the long stick. One of the nurses in the video can be seen holding the phone of the youth, deleting the alleged video of the hospital’s mismanagement.

As per the reports, the two youths had come to hospital to get a medical certificate. However, when they witnessed some mismanagement in the hospital, they started taking videos of the entire ordeal. This enraged the nurses of the hospital, who took to arms and started thrashing them.

Netizens on social media have since been tagging Bihar Health Department, and other relevant authorities to draw their attention. Meanwhile, Civil surgeon Dr. Sagar Dulal Sinha claimed not being aware of the incident.

Meanwhile, the two youths were released by the hospital personnel. So far, no complaints have been side from either side.

The Facts of the Matter

With a phone in every pocket, and an internet connection with every phone, no good deeds are gone unwitnessed and unreported. Thanks to social media, citizens across the nation have been more aware of their rights, and in case of any mismanagement, they take to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment.

Such situations often lead to investigation, and in some cases, even redressal.

In one such situation, two youths in Bihar decided to record alleged mismanagement in the hospital. However, instead of having their complaints acted on, they were assaulted brutally by the nurses of the hospital.

The incident was reported from Chhapra district hospital in Bihar’s Saran district. Shocking footage of hospital nurses thrashing the whistle-blowers have also gone viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, two nurses can be seen taking turn thrashing youths with stick. While one nurse hits a youth harshly, other stands by her side in support. The two youths being beaten up by the nurses can be seen pleading, and asking them to show mercy. However, the nurses continue with mercilessly thrashing the two youths.

In the audio version of the video, the nurse can be heard asking the young men to film their mother and sister instead, NDTV reported.

Watch the Video here:

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Came to Get Medical Certificate, Got Bruises Instead

According to reports, the two young men had gone to the hospital to collect a medical certificate. However, on seeing the inefficiency and the alleged mismanagement of the hospital, they started to capture the entire ordeal. The hospital staff, including the nurses, did not take too well to the young men’s actions, and reprimanded them.

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Civil Surgeon Claims Being Unaware

Meanwhile, a local daily newspaper asked civil surgeon Dr. Sagar Dulal Singh about the incident. Dr. Singh claimed to be unaware of the incident and said “will check when video is received”. Meanwhile, the video of the incident has been viewed over eight-and-a-half-lakh times on Twitter.


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