In a horrific incident, a man in Bihar allegedly raped a 5-year-old. However, instead of handing him over to cops, made him do sit-ups. The incident was reported from a village in Bihar’s Nawada district and a purported making rounds of social media shows the man doing sit ups as a crowd of locals observe him adhere to his “sentence”.

According to reports, the man took the alleged victim to a nearby poultry farm on the pretext of giving her chocolates and then raped her. When the man was caught red handed, the locals produced him before the village ‘panchayat’. At the panchayat, the elderly members of the council decided against producing the man to the cops, and handed him a verdict of their own.

Deeming the man not guilty of rape, they simply deemed him guilty of taking the alleged victim to a secluded spot. They then pronounced a statement which may baffle many. The alleged accused was asked to do sit-ups in the presence of other locals as a “punishment”.

Meanwhile, Gaurav Mangla, Superintendent of Police, said that an FIR was registered in the matter, and further action will be taken against the accused. Further, the authorities are investigating who were the people who tried to suppress the matter.

The Facts of the Matter

As per National Crime Records Bureau’s 2021 report, Bihar registered a sharp increase in crimes against women. The state observed a sharp increase by 16.8% in crimes against women with as many as 17,950 such cases. Further, it reported the second highest number of cases of domestic violence, ranking second to Karnataka.

Meanwhile, in Bihar, a 5-year-old was allegedly raped by a man. Shockingly, instead of handing the accused to the cops, they punished him by asking him to do “sit-ups”. The incident was reported from a village in Bihar’s Nawada.

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Bihar Man Lured Girl On Pretext of Chocolates

As per a Navbharat report, the incident occurred earlier on November 21 when the alleged accused took the 5-year-old to a nearby poultry farm on the pretext of giving her chocolates. The accused then allegedly raped the minor girl.

Later, the girl went to her father and told him as to what she was subjected to. The alleged victim’s father reportedly lived outside the village. Meanwhile, the alleged accused contacted his acquaintance, who was the former panchayat head.

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Matter ‘Settled’ In Panchayat

Soon, a panchayat meeting was held and the matter was “settled” in the panchayat. The alleged accused was brought to the panchayat and after a discussion, the elder of the council deemed the man not guilty of rape.

They however decided to “punish” the man for taking the girl to a secluded spot, and instead of taking the matter further to cops, gave him a shocking sentence. They asked the man to do five sit-ups. Video making rounds of social media shows the alleged accused doing sit-ups in front of the locals as per the “punishment” he was handed.

Watch Video here:

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FIR Registered

Meanwhile, after the video of the incident sparked outrage among many, Superintendent of Police Gaurav Mangla said that an FIR was registered and further action will be taken as per the investigation. He added that the cops are investigating as to who suppressed the matter further.


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