In Bihar, a man has been found to be running a ‘startup’ in Chhapra district where unemployed youths are trained to break ATMs in 15 minutes or less. Sudhir Mishra, the mastermind behind the pan-India gang, is currently at large after four of his apprentices were arrested for allegedly stealing Rs 39.58 lakh from an ATM in Lucknow’s Sushant Golf City police station area.

After the arrest of four associates of the mastermind, it was revealed that he operates a well-oiled gang, recruiting unemployed youths from different states and bringing them to Chhapra, where they receive a three-month crash course in breaking into ATMs.

They are taught various techniques, including how to enter an ATM quickly, spray misty liquid on the glass walls of the ATM booth and the cameras to hide their identities, cut through the cash box, and escape within 15 minutes.

After the training, a 15-day live demonstration is conducted, and only those members who complete the task in 15 minutes or less are sent on field operations. The police have now shifted their focus to apprehending Mishra, who is allegedly the kingpin of the pan-India gang.

The arrest was made after UP police scoured through 1,000 CCTV footage and mobile data, and checked over 20 tolls around Lucknow to trace the ATM theft accused.

The Facts of the Matter

In a shocking turn of events, a startup in India has been found to be training unemployed youths in a rather unique skill set. While we’re all aware of the usual suspects in the training industry, such as coding boot camps or culinary schools, this particular enterprise has a more unorthodox focus: breaking into ATMs in a mere 15 minutes.

The mastermind behind this wild scheme has been identified as Sudhir Mishra, who has taken the term “entrepreneur” to a whole new level. His pan-India gang has been leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, with over 30 cases of ATM theft committed in just one year alone.

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“Crash Course” in Breaking ATM in 15-Minutes

Mishra hires young, unemployed individuals from all over the country, bringing them to Chhapra, Bihar for a three-month “crash course” in criminality. These fresh-faced apprentices are then taught the ins and outs of ATM robbery, from the art of quick entry to the perfect misty liquid spray, all in the pursuit of a 15-minute getaway.

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Training at Sudhir Mishra’s Startup

But it doesn’t stop there. Mishra makes sure his pupils are well-versed in the art of deception, coaching them on how to cut through the cash box and get out without leaving a trace. Further, they are also given live-demonstrations, and only those who can complete the “task” in 15 minutes, are sent to break ATMs and make merry.

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How It All Came Tumbling Down

However, their recent target, an ATM in Lucknow’s Sushant Golf City police station area, did not go as planned. While the miscreants did get their hands on Rs 39.58 lakh, they could not outsmart the police. The Uttar Pradesh cops rummaged through 1,000 CCTV footage, mobile data, and checked over 20 tolls around Lucknow to trace the ATM theft accused.

The focus of the investigation then shifted to Mishra, who the cops believed was the kingpin of this pan-India gang. The cops claim that this gang has committed over 30 such cases across the country in the last year alone.


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