In a baffling incident caught on video, a mobile thief in Bihar recently got caught red handed, and found himself dangling by the window of a moving train for a distance of about 15 km. The incident was reported from a moving train that departed from Begusarai’s Sahebpur Kamal station.

Shocking video making rounds of social media shows the thief dangling outside the moving train, with his both hands across the window grill. The thief can be heard pleading to the passenger to not leave his hand as he may fall and get his hand broken. Eventually, the thief was handed over to the government railway police, and he was put in jail.

According to reports, when the bus left from the Sahebpur Kamal station, a thief tried to snatch a mobile phone by getting his hand in the window grill of the train. However, his plan was foiled as a passenger managed to grabbed his hand. Situation worsened for the thief as another passenger grabbed his second hand.

To the thief’s dismay, the train started moving and he travelled a distance of 15 km before being handed to the Khagaria station GRP. The accused has been identified as Pankaj, a resident of Begusarai.

A case of theft was registered against him and he was sent to jail.

The Facts of the Matter

Thieves come in all types and forms. Some are meticulous and plan everything, while others wing it all and continue taking risk. A thief who belongs to the second category recently faced the consequences of his lack of planning when he was caught red-handed and found himself hanging to the window of a train.

The recent incident comes from Bihar, where a mobile snatcher had to hang outside a moving train for a distance of 15 km, before being handed to the police. The thief, identified as Pankaj Kumar, is a resident of Begusarai’s Sahebpur Kamal.

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Train Moves, Thief Tries to Snatch Phone

The video which was shared on social media on September 14, was taken in a train that was in its way to Khagaria from Begusarai. At the Sahebpur Kamal station, a thief put his hand inside the window grill to snatch a phone kept near the window and make a run for it.

However, an alert passenger grabbed his arm tightly and didn’t let him go. The train meanwhile inched forward and started increasing speed. The thief asked the passenger to let go of him.

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Passengers Grab Thief’s Hands as Train Moves

Realizing that letting go of the train may result in an injury, the thief slid his other hand also through the window grill and other passengers grabbed his second hand.

For the next 15 kms, all that the thief did, was plead the passengers to not let go of his arm or otherwise he would fall and get his hands broken. The thief was identified as Pankaj Kumar while the passenger who could’ve been the victim of the theft, was identified as Satyam Kumar.

Thief’s Misfire Caught on Cam

Pankaj Kumar’s exploits, and its immediate consequences were video recorded by passengers in the train. In the video, Pankaj can be seen holding on to the train for his dear life and having a tense look on his face.

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Some Thieves More Successful in Snatching Attempts

While Pankaj’s exploits failed, there’s a whole gang of thieves in Bihar who hang on a railway bridge and steal phone from passengers who may be standing near the train’s gate. The group of thieves are locally known as ‘jhapata gang’.

Earlier in June, a video showing a member of jhapata gang stealing a phone from a moving train while hanging on a railway bridge over a river went viral on social media.


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