In another harrowing incident reported from Bihar, a shocking video of a man burning under a bus with cops fleeing the scene has gone viral. The incident was reported from Chapra-Siwan Highway in Bihar and occurred earlier on Wednesday morning. At least three persons have been reported dead in the aftermath of the incident.

Hair-raising video taken moments after an accident shows a bus in flames and a man underneath the bus engulfed in fire as well. Meanwhile, cops on the scene of incident are seen fleeing the scene instead of helping the burning men somehow or douse the bus that is also burning by the second.

According to reports, the incident occurred on the Chapra-Siwan highway when three people were struck by a bus carrying Bihar police officers. Due to the accident, the bus’s fuel tank exploded, killing one of the motorcyclists that was dragged for over 100 yards, on the spot. Reportedly, 24 police personnel were on the bus, and all of them fled from the scene after the accident.

As per a Free Press report, the cops were returning from the 120th birth anniversary celebrations of Jayprakash Narayan a socialist and political leader who was known as Lok Nayak.

The Facts of the Matter

A lot has been spoken about the state of law and order in Bihar, and questions have been raised by locals regarding police inaction in the state. As such debates continue, another shocking incident has emerged from Bihar, shedding light on police, their training, and their actions.

According to reports, earlier on Wednesday morning, a bus carrying two dozen police personnel struck bicyclists on the Chapra-Siwan Highway, killing three persons. In the aftermath of the accident, a man was seen burning under the bus as cops in question were seen leaving the bus.

The aftermath of the accident was caught on CCTV, visuals of which have gone viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

According to a hair-raising video making rounds of Twitter, several cops are seen disembark a bus that met with an accident minutes ago. While the cops make their way out of the bus and flee from the scene, a person recording the video comes closer to the bus and shows a man beneath the bus completely engulfed in the flames, being charred by the minute.

Watch the Video here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

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The Accident As It Happened

According to reports, earlier on Wednesday morning, a bus collided with a motorcyclist and dragged the driver for about over 100 yards. The accident went from bad to worse when the bus’s fuel tank exploded, killing the motorcyclist right on the spot.

The harrowing videos of the incident also shows two other bodies of accident-slain men on the road.

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Bus was Ferrying 24 Cops

The bus in question was ferrying as many as 24 cops that were returning from the 120th birth anniversary celebrations of Jay Prakash Narayan. The event was attended by Home Minister Amit Shah as well. Further investigation of the accident is underway.


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