In a recently gone viral video, a thief in Bihar was forced to hang from a moving train window only to be dragged inside by passengers and be thrashed by them. Dramatic video of the incident shows the thief hanging onto his dear life as the train speeds and thuds on the tracks. According to reports, the incident occurred on a passenger train in Bihar’s Bhagalpur, a place that is infamous for snatching and other petty crimes.

In the most recent attempt of snatching, the accused was not fast enough to steal and disappear. After his theft attempt went disastrously wrong, he was left dangling between the Ghogha and Lailakh railway stations. The accused had reportedly tried to snatch a phone who was on board the Jamalpur – Sahibganj train.

According to reports, the passengers were ambushed by a group of snatchers, who somehow managed to escape. However, the accused seen in the video was held by passengers by his t-shirt and was later dangled.

It should be noted that a similar incident was reported earlier this month from Bihar where another mobile snatcher was left dangling from the train window, pleading passengers to not let go of his hand. The thief was later handed to the government railway police.

The Facts of the Matter

In various parts of India, local gangs of snatchers have terrorized the locals. These snatchers emerge like wind, rob you of your valuables, disappear like a fog of smoke, all before you can comprehend what just happened.

However, when there are spate of such crimes, local keep a vigilant eye on such thieves. And when the locals get the best of such thieves, it’s amusing and often cathartic. In one such incident, a thief in Bihar was made to hang on the moving train after a passenger caught him in the act.

Dramatic visuals of the incident were caught on camera, visuals of which, have gone viral on social media.

What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, a thief can be seen hanging by the window of a speeding train. The thief, in an obvious state of disarray, tries with all his might to not let go of the window bars. In the desperate attempt, his shirt is pulled by passengers. The video then cuts to a point when the thief in Bihar was dragged inside the train compartment and is brutally thrashed by irate locals.

Watch the Video here:

Group Of Thieves Managed to Flee

In the recent incident, a group of thieves tried to steal belongings of passengers who were aboard the Jamalpur-Sahibganj passenger train that was traveling from the Lailakh and Ghogha stations. According to reports, the thieves managed to flee after the passengers foiled their robbery attempt. It was only the one particular accused, who was caught on cam, that couldn’t escape.


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