In a shocking incident reported from Bihar, some thieves reportedly posed as employees of a company that owned a mobile tower, and ended up dismantling the tower and stole it away. The incident was reported from Bihar’s Patna and occurred earlier last week. As per cops, the mobile tower was worth Rs 19 lakhs.

According to reports, the matter came to the fore after the company officials had arrived at the location earlier on Saturday to conduct an inspection, and found the entire mobile tower to be missing.

A complaint was subsequently filed in the matter and an investigation is currently on to nab the accused gang of thieves. A Free Press report stated that as many as 25 persons had arrived at the scene with cutters, tools and other equipment to dismantle the tower.

The development comes just days after another similar shocking incident of theft was reported from Bihar. In a bizarre incident, some thieves ended up stealing an entire train engine from a railway yard. As per reports, the incident occurred in Bihar’s Begusarai where the accused gang took apart the engine piece by piece after trespassing in the railway yard by digging a tunnel. The engine had been brought to the yard for repair purposes.

In a similar incident, earlier this year some thieves in Bihar stole an entire 60-foot-long bridge.

The Facts of the Matter

‘Kitne tejaswi log hai humare paas!’

In an incident that truly reaffirms something Prime Minister Modi said at the Parliament, some thieves went above and beyond petty acts of stealing jewellery or small amount of cash. Eyeing the big prize, the gang of some twenty-five thieves in Bihar stole an entire huge mobile tower that was worth Rs 19 lakhs, and fled the scene before anyone could raise a suspicion.

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Real Officers Conduct Inspection, Find Mobile Tower Missing

Like many such robberies before, these thieves also pretended being employees of a company that had come to dismantle the tower. The incident occurred earlier on Saturday at Patna, Bihar. The matter came to the fore when real officers had come to the spot to conduct an inspection, and found the tower missing.

Accused Posed as Employees

As per a Free Press report, when the person, on whose land the mobile tower was built, asked the gang of accused as to why they were dismantling the tower. Without causing any suspicion, the accused group of men told the land owner that they were the employees of the company which owned the tower.

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Gang of 25 Thieves Stole Mobile Tower worth Rs 19 Lakhs

Reportedly, as many as 25 people had come armed with gas cutters, and in no time, dismantled the tower, loaded it in a truck, and fled from the scene of crime. After the real employees of the company came for an inspection, it was revealed that the tower was stolen by the confident robbers.

As per the cops, the mobile tower was worth Rs 19 lakhs, and a search operation is in full swing to nab the accused group.

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From Train Engine to 60-foot Bridge, A Look at Bihar’s Robberies

The incident comes just days after a similar incident was reported from Bihar where some thieves ended up stealing a mammoth train engine which was kept in a railway yard for repair. The accused group reportedly dug a tunnel from and to the railway yard, using which they carried the parts of engine in sacks. Three men were later arrested for their involvement in the theft.

In an equally shocking incident, again reported from Bihar, a group of thieves posed as irrigation officer in Sasaram, and ended up stealing a 60-foot-long bridge. Further, the thieves, who were posing as officers, put the locals to the work of dismantling before leaving the scene.


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