In a shocking incident reported from Bihar, an unmarried man who got hospitalized to get a hydrocele surgery, got sterilised without consent! The incident was reported from Kaimur district in Bihar, and the man who ended up getting sterilised without consent was identified as 32-year-old Manaka Yadav. Yadav is a resident of Jagaria village from south-west Kaimur district.

According to reports, Manaka was admitted to a Chainpur community health center earlier on Tuesday last week for a hydrocele operation. He agreed to undergo the surgery on the recommendation of a local ASHA (accredited social health activist) worker, Maya Kunwar. However, to his horror, when he woke up after the surgery, the doctor told him that his sterilization was successful.

Manaka is now in abject frustration and has since been wondering how he will take his lineage forward. A TOI report quoted Manaka recalling the incident and saying, “My world came crashing down when I was told that my ‘nasbandi’ (vasectomy) operation was successful. Now, who will marry me?”.

Manaka alleged that he was not aware that he had been asked to sign a document that gave the doctors consent for his sterilisation.

While Manaka claims to be unmarried, the records at hospital have marked him “married”. Meanwhile, health officials have stated that Manaka has married twice, and has been deserted by his wives both times.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine getting admitted to a hospital to get hydrocele surgery, and waking up to find out you were sterilised. The nightmarish imaginary scenario became a reality for a man in Bihar, who was hospitalised to get hydrocele surgery, and ended up getting vasectomized without giving the doctor his consent.

The incident was reported from Kaimpur district, Bihar, and the man in question was identified as Manaka Yadav. The 32-year-old man has claimed to be unmarried and is now looking at his lineage and wondering how he will carry it forward.

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ASHA Worker Recommends Hydrocele Operation

A resident of Jagaria, Manaka was admitted to a nearby health center to get hydrocele surgery, based on the recommendation of a local ASHA worker. After the surgery was done, Manaka found the ground being swept from his feet, with the doctor telling him that his vasectomy was successful, and he should visit the private hospital for the hydrocele operation.

The Shocking Turn of Events

A TOI report quoted the frustrated Bihar-based man saying, “My world came crashing down when I was told that my ‘nasbandi’ (vasectomy) operation was successful. Now, who will marry me?”. Reportedly, Manaka didn’t know that he had signed a document, giving consent for his sterilisation.

It should be noted that while Manaka claimed to be unmarried, the hospital records marked him as ‘married’, as per a TOI report.

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The Aftermath

Further, the same report also confirmed that the ASHA worker who convinced him to get operated on, had signed a statement claiming that the worker knew that the beneficiary is married and has a child over one year old.

While a probe has been ordered, Manaka’s father has also been critical of the health care center. “Just tell me how his lineage will progress? The sterilization surgery has brought a full stop to this,” the infuriated father was quoted in a TOI report.

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Probe Ordered

A three-person committee has been ordered to conduct an investigation in the case. Meanwhile, officials involved in the case have claimed that as per their own understanding, Manaka is already married, both of his wives had left him.


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