A Bihar-based woman was brutally murdered in broad daylight by moneylenders who chopped off her ears, hands and breasts. The woman had borrowed a sum of money from the accused for her daughter’s wedding. However, as she failed to repay the money, the lenders attacked her in broad daylight. The incident was reported from Bihar’s Bhagalpur and occurred earlier on Saturday last week.

The victim in the matter was identified as Neelam while the accused were identified as Shakeel Miyan and Juddin Mian. The matter was initially suspected to be having a communal angle. However, further investigation in the matter led the police to disprove all such theories. However, to be on the safe side, the cops ended up deploying some forces to make sure any untoward incident does not transpire.

After being attacked in broad daylight, the woman was rushed to the local hospital. She was referred to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

According to reports, earlier on Saturday, the woman was at a public place when Shakeel and Juddin attacked her. She sustained multiple stab wounds on her back and head. Shockingly enough, eyewitnesses who didn’t come to the woman’s aide, were able to record her naming the attackers on their phones. Following the incident, both Shakeel and Juddin were arrested.

The Facts of the Matter

There has been a significant increase in crimes where money lenders provide quick credit at exorbitant interest rates, and commit heinous actions to enforce repayment. From blackmailing to sharing morphed pictures on social media, to physical harassment, lenders employ several dubious methods. Those who are unemployed or are in need for quick money, become the easiest targets of such lenders.

In one such incident, a woman in Bihar brutally murdered by money lenders. The attackers reportedly chopped off the woman’s limbs, ears and breasts. What makes the incident all the more gruesome, is the fact that everything transpired in broad daylight.

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Woman Attacked in Broad Daylight

As per the reports, earlier on Friday in Bhagalpur, Neelam Devi was attacked in broad daylight by two money lenders accused, identified as Shakeel and Juddin. The woman was at a crowded market, when the accused chopped off her hands, breast and ears, as per an NDTV report.

Neelam Devi sustained injuries on her neck and back. Despite the incident occurring at a crowded market, no one came to Neelam’s help.

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Eyewitnesses Record Woman Naming Attackers

However, when in the immediate aftermath of the attack, some witnesses were able to record Neelam on their cellphones, naming the two accused.

She was initially rushed to a local hospital, from where she was referred to the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical Hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.

SP Gives Account of Incident

Swarna Prabhat, the Superintendent of Police, Bhagalpur, was quoted in an NDTV report saying, “On Saturday, the woman was killed by a sharp weapon attack near the Scindia bridge. Before the people could understand anything, the attackers ran away, waving their weapons”.

The victim’s family told cops that Neelam and the two accused were neighbours and were on friendly terms. Neelam wanted to get her daughter married, and as such, wanted money for the same, which she borrowed from the two accused.

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Husband Alleges Different Motive of Crime

When Neelam was unable to repay the same amount, which prompted the accused to attack her with a sharp weapon. Meanwhile, Neelam’s husband alleged that Shakeel killed his wife as she refused to let him enter their home.


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