In Bihar, a youth was electrocuted to death by his girlfriend’s family over their disapproval of relationship. The victim was a youth in his 20s identified as Chotu Yadav, a native of Raharia village. Yadav was reportedly in a relationship with a woman also in her 20s, from Barauwa village.

According to reports, it was the victim’s girlfriend who had called him to her village to meet earlier this week. The victim was brutally assaulted and then given electric shock till he passed away. The accused family went as far as hiding the victim’s body in their home.

According to reports, Yadav was at his girlfriend’s place when he became the victim of pre-meditated electrocution. When he was talking to his girlfriend, her father, Dhirendra Yadav, along with his son and son-and-law, cornered him, and confined him in a room.

They brutally assaulted him and eventually electrocuted him to an extent that he succumbed. Meanwhile, when the victim’s family went to Dhirendra Yadav’s residence to find out about his son’s whereabouts, they denied any knowledge regarding the matter.

However, when the victim’s family involved police in the matter, the accused confessed to the crime.

The body of the victim as sent to postmortem and the accused have been charged with murder.


In January 2022, a missing techie’s charred body was found in Hyderabad’s Jinnaram forest in Sanga Reddy. The cop took three persons in custody with the suspicion that the estranged in-laws, who were unapproving of the couple’s marriage, were involved in the killing,

In April 2022, two men in Meerut were booked for shooting and latter slitting the throat of a man who married their sister. The couple had conducted a court marriage, which allegedly enraged the two brothers who disapproved of the victim.

The same month, a woman and her husband were stabbed to death by the woman’s father and brother as the couple had gotten married against the family’s wishes.

The incidents show that honor killing continues to run rampant and is one of the biggest internal issue that leads to crimes like assault and murders. Meanwhile, in Bihar, a man was electrocuted to death by his girlfriend’s family over their disapproval of his relationship with the girl.

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The Facts of the Matter

A youth in his 20s was recently electrocuted to death by his girlfriend’s family over his relationship with the girl. The incident was reported from Araria, and occurred earlier on Wednesday. The victim was identified as Chotu Yadav while one of the accused was identified as the girl’s father, Dhirendra Yadav. The latter has been booked on charges of murder.

Couple Were in their 20s, Family were Unapproving of Relation

According to reports, Yadav was in a relationship with a woman in her 20s who belonged to Barauwa village. The couple were in the relationship despite the girl’s family being disapproving of their union. Little did they know that the disapproval would end in the most fatal of ways.

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Girlfriend Called Victim to her Village

Earlier on Wednesday, the victim’s girlfriend called him to meet her in her village. As the couple were talking, the girl’s father, brother and father’s son-in-law ambushed the victim and overpowered him. They took hold of Yadav and dragged him inside a room, where they confined him.

What followed was brutal assault that the victim endured. Later, the victim died after the accused gave him electric shocks. Following the victim’s death, the accused went on to hide the body inside their house.

Victim’s Family Reaches Out, Accused Denies Involvement

Meanwhile, on having their son go missing, the victim’s family made their way to the villagae. Their they spoke to the girl’s father Dhirendra Yadav and asked him about the whereabouts of their missing family member.

Initially, Yadav denied on knowing anything about the victim. However, with the help of the panchayat members the victim’s family involved police in the matter. When confronted with the police, the accused Dhirendra Yadav broke and confessed the crime.

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Police Shares Gruesome Details

“During investigation, it was revealed that the accused had given electric shocks to Chotu until his death. The accused have confessed the crime. We have sent the body for the postmortem and arrested the accused on the charge of murder,” a police officer was quoted saying.


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