Bijuli Prasad, regarded as the world’s oldest Asiatic elephant, who resided regally in the Assam tea gardens, has passed away. His majestic life stretched over an estimated 89 years.

Bijuli Prasad passed away in the early hours of the morning, at about 3.30 am, due to age-related problems. His death occurred at The Williamson Magor Group’s Behali tea estate and was reported by news agency PTI.

Prasad, who was the emblem of The Williamson Magor Group, was initially introduced to the Bargang tea estate as a calf. When the company sold off the Bargang tea estate, he was then moved to the Behali tea estate.

Prasad was given his name by his former owner Oliver Sahib, who was from England. A diverse crowd gathered to mourn the majestic elephant’s demise, including those who cared for him personally, animal enthusiasts, tea garden laborers, and local residents.

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Dr Kushal Konwar Sarma (Padma Shri awardee and famous elephant surgeon) told PTI, “As far as my knowledge is concerned, Bijuli Prasad was the oldest recorded domestic elephant in India.” Usually, the wild Asiatic elephants live up to 62-65 years, while the domestic ones survive till around 80 years with proper care, he said.

“After all its teeth fell off around 8-10 years ago, Bijuli Prasad could not eat anything and was about to die. Then I went there and treated him. I had changed all his regular food and started mostly boiled food like rice and soybean with high protein value. This increased his longevity,” Dr Sarma said.

Bijuli Prasad’s death is moumed by nature lovers. “The elephant Bijuli Prasad, Which carries British heritage, is no more. This elephant is the oldest domestic elephant in India. The elephant is the symbol of the Williamson Megar Company. Bijuli Prasad is said to be 85 to 90 years old but his exact date of birth is unknown,” Deepak Sarma, a local, said.

He further added, “The oldest elephant in India was in Kaziranga and the second in Mahisur. Unfortunately, after the death of these two elephants, Bijuli became the oldest domestic elephant in India.

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