In a horrific incident, a biker, who reportedly stopped his vehicle outside a home to attend a call was shot down by a man from balcony of the residence he had parked his motorcycle in front of. The incident was reported from Noida’s Sihani Gate area and occurred earlier on Tuesday evening. The accused in the matter is Amit Bhati, who is on the run after a complaint was registered against him.

Earlier on Tuesday, the victim Nirdesh Sharma parked his motorcycle outside a residence in Noida’s Sihani Gate area to attend a phone call. This was when the accused Amit Bhati, who was in the balcony, asked Nirdesh to keep it moving and take his motorcycle away from his house.

Nirdesh Sharma requested the accused to let him complete his call. However, the request somehow enraged the accused who simply picked up a gun and shot him from his balcony for the trivial reason. The victim called his brother Girish and told him that he has been shot just a few hundred meters from his residence.

Victim’s brother rushed and took Nirdesh to a hospital, and alerted the police meanwhile. Victim Nirdesh told his brother Girish that the accused told him to step away from his home and threatened to kill him if he didn’t.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all heard reports of individuals in Noida, Gurugram, and other NCR districts committing the most shocking crimes for the most trivial of reasons. Earlier last week, we reported about a pizza delivery man getting shot over his refusal to accept a torn Rs 200 note.

In a similar vein, another incident was reported recently from Noida, where a man reportedly shot a man from his balcony, because the victim had parked his motorcycle outside his residence. The incident occurred earlier on Thursday and was reported from Sihani Gate area, Noida.

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Victim was Out to Buy Veggies

According to reports, Nirdesh Sharma, a Ghaziabad resident, was out on his motorcycle around 6.30 pm on Tuesday evening. On his way, he received a phone call and parked his motorcycle outside a residence to attend the call.

This was when the accused, Amit Bhati, asked Nirdesh to not park his motorcycle in front of his home. When Nirdesh replied that he just needs to attend the call, the accused was left enraged. He went inside his house, and allegedly shot Nirdesh from the balcony.

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Victim Rushed to Hospital, Accused a Drug Addict

Nirdesh, who suffered a bullet wound in his arm, called his brother and narrated the entire incident. His brother Girish rushed to the scene and took him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the police were alerted about the matter sometime around 6.30 pm. As per the preliminary investigation, the police found out that the accused suffers from drug addiction, and had been taking treatment at the rehabilitation center.

The accused is currently on the run and multiple teams have been formed to nab him. He has been booked under multiple sections of IPC, including Section 307 (attempt to murder). The victim meanwhile is admitted in the hospital with a bullet injury on his arm.

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UP Pizza Delivery Boy Shot Over Rs 200 Note

Earlier, a similar incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh, where a pizza delivery boy was shot over an argument about a torn Rs 200 note. The 21-year-old victim was Sachin Kashyap while the accused were identified as Nadeem Khan and Neem Khan.

Reportedly, when the victim went back to the accused’s address and asked him to replace the torn Rs 200 note, the accused opened fire at him, killing him on the spot.


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