Bisleri’s only successor Jayanti Chauhan, who is the daughter of the brand’s owner Mr. Ramesh Chauhan has refused to take over the globally famous business which is worth Rs.7000 crore. The reason is yet not specified but according to sources she is not interested in the business and has some other plans for herself.

On 24 November reports started surfacing all over the media that Ramesh ji Chauhan is all set to sell out Bisleri International and is in loop with several ventures, including Tata Consumer Products Ltd.

About Bisleri International

Globally famous Indian brand Bisleri International which is also the oldest mineral water bottle company. It is owned by Mr. Ramesh Chauhan is now ready to be sold. Its estimated pricing which is listed for the deal is Rs.7000 crore.

Bisleri International has a strong market acquisition with 133 operational plants and a wide ranged distribution network of almost 4,000 Distributors and 5,000 Distribution Trucks across India and neighboring countries.

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Important Information About Jayanti Chauhan aka JRC

Jayanti Chauhan, who is currently 37-years-old, started on the Bisleri Journey at the age of 24, under the guidance of her father and business tycoon Ramesh Chauhan. Jayanti is popularly known as JRC. She has spent most of her time in New York, Delhi and Bombay.

Jayanti aka JRC has secured qualifications in Fashion Styling and Photography from the London College of Fashion. She also holds a degree in Arabic from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

As per Bisleri’s official website, Chauhan has been aggressively involved in implementing and channelling the operations for Bisleri Mineral Water, Vedica Natural Mineral Water from the Himalayas (the Luxury Segment), Fizzy Fruit Drinks, and Bisleri Hand Purifier.

She took command over the Delhi office, where she started at the basic-most level, and also renovated the factory and brought automation of various processes. She has also modified and re-defined departments such as HR, Sales, and Marketing of Bisleri. And, in 2011, she took charge of the Company’s Mumbai office.

Since then Jayanti Chauhan has been spearheading the Sales and Marketing teams, ensuring both market penetration and building brand value. She has been working under the firm as an acting VP/ Vice Chairperson.

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About Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, the Bisleri Tycoon

82-year-old Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, who was born in 1940, has been selling packaged mineral water for more than 60 years. He bought the Bisleri brand in 1969 from an Italian entrepreneur. Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest premium beverage businesses in India and is even very well known globally.

Some of the major and famous brands which were created and marketed by the pioneer of the water business are- ThumbsUp, Gold Spot, Citra, Maza, and Limca. He has sold them to multinational corporations like Coca-Cola.


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