In an extraordinary case, doctors at a hospital in Punjab removed around 100 objects including screws, washers, earphones, chains, and rakhis from the stomach of a 40-year-old man.

Patient’s Condition

The man was admitted to Medicity Hospital in Moga district of Punjab with complaints of high fever, nausea, and severe stomach ache. He had been suffering from stomach problems for nearly two years as per the doctors.

After conducting an X-ray scan, the doctors were shocked to discover numerous metallic items lodged inside his stomach. They immediately decided to operate on him. The three-hour long surgery successfully removed all the objects.

However, the patient’s condition is said to be critical as the objects were inside his stomach for a prolonged time causing other health complications. He is currently on ventilator support.

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Objects Found Inside Stomach

The items pulled out from the man’s stomach included nuts, bolts, screws, safety pins, earphones, chains, lockets, rakhis, buttons, wire pieces, wrappers etc – nearly 100 objects.

Dr Ajmer Singh Kalra, Director of Medicity Hospital, said this was the first such case they had ever come across. Visuals of the surgery showing the objects have gone viral on social media.

Possible Reasons

The man’s family revealed that he was suffering from mental health issues. They were clueless about how and when he swallowed the objects.

According to doctors, he was possibly suffering from pica – an eating disorder characterized by eating non-food items. As he had ingested sharp objects, there were severe internal wounds in his stomach.

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Expert Opinion

Speaking about the bizarre case, Dr Kalra said, “After X-ray, we found objects like chains, lockets, screws, earphones etc. It seems the patient was suffering from some psychiatric disorder, which led him to ingest such objects. It’s a dangerous condition that can be life-threatening.”

He added, “We have removed all the objects successfully through surgery. But he’s not out of danger yet due to other complications caused by keeping these items inside for long.”

In such unique cases, experts say the underlying mental health condition must be evaluated and treated along with medical care. The case highlights the health risks associated with pica disorder. Timely intervention can prevent further complications.

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