In a news that is absolutely bizarre, hundreds of Britishers have come forward to claim they have had sexual encounters with aliens. With each passing year, the scientific community comes closer to finding the truth behind extra-terrestrial beings.

While the existence of UFO (unidentified flying object) was accepted by the Pentagon, US and several sightings have been accepted by security forces, the claim of the Brits are past the point of acceptance and without much evidence, sound ludicrous.


Our planet is full of mysterious sightings. While most of them could be explained by evidence, common sense and stone-cold logic, some of them remain unexplainable. But what happens when multiple reports of the unexplainable occurrences flood across multiple parts of a nation? The unbelievable first turns into unexplainable, which with more such reports, become undeniable.

According to news reports, hundreds of Britishers have witnessed something unbelievable. From several years reports of people claiming they were visited and probed by aliens have made us look at the sky with strange amusement, the new reports of the Brits are bizarre, to say the least. As per the reports, these growing number of men and women have had sexual encounters with aliens.

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Over 300 Brits Claim Having ‘Close Encounters’ with Aliens

As per the new poll, nearly 300 Britishers residing in UK claimed to have had carnal trysts with green men and women. Interestingly enough, a majority of these claims come from Norwich – a UFO hotspot in Britain.

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Curicous Case of the Citizens of Norwich – Capital of UFO Believers

For people who may not be interested in the life beyond planet, Norwich is known by its residents as the capital of UFO believers. As per the report, a shocking 31% of the locals in the city claim that they have had ‘close encounters’ with an alien. Meanwhile, 30% of the locals believe that they have had an “inexplicable experience” related to aliens near their houses. Moreover, 15% of the people living in the city have claimed dreaming about being abducted by aliens.

Moving away from Norwich, residents of Bristol are on the second place in the list and 23% of the city’s residents are those who claim to have had saucy experiences in a flying saucer. Further, Liverpool natives – also fondly known as Liverpudlians, have 22% people who believe in the same.

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1 in Every 5 Brit Has Seen UFO or Sense Presence of Alien

Another shocking data comes from the poll which claimed that nearly 1 in every 5 Britishers have either seen a UFO or have at least sensed the presence of an alien. Further, 41% of them actually love to meet an alien and 22% of them believe that their government is actually conspired to hide extra-terrestrial activities and developments.

“There must be something about those spots…”

BuzzBingo’s David Abrams was quoted by a UK based daily saying-

“We were astonished to see how many people claim to have had intimate relations with aliens, particularly in the cities of Norwich and Bristol. There must be something about those spots which makes these experiences more common than in the rest of the UK. Maybe they really are out there and this is their way of communicating.”