In a bizarre news coming from Kerala, a woman was found living with her next-door lover after allegedly being “missing” for 11 years. The development comes from a village called Ayalur in Palakkad. Way back in 2010, an 18-year-girl was reported missing. After more than a decade, the woman was finally seen living barely 500 meters from her home.


Small towns carry within them several humongous and head-scratching incidents. In one such incident, Sajitha, was finally found living with her partner after not being found by any person since the last 11 years. The most surprising facet of the incident is the fact that the Sajitha’s partner lived with his parents, and yet they were allegedly unaware of Sajitha’s presence.

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Sajitha’s Partner Goes Missing, Brother finds the couple out

It so happened that Sajitha was discovered more than a decade after being missing by her family. Her family was able to trace back to her when Alinchuvattil Rahman, Sajitha’s partner had gone missing 3 months ago, upon which his family filed a missing complaint. On June 8, Rahman’s brother Basheer found him by chance and upon following him, he found out that Rahman and Sajitha were both living in a house on a rent in a separate village.

According to Deepa Kumar, Nenmara Police SHO the couple decided to keep their relationship secret as both of them belonged to different religions and were not prepared for a backlash due to the religious differences. Police officer Deepa also said that after finding Sanjitha out, the police decided to visit Rahman’s house and the couple spilled the beans on how they lived together hidden from everyone.

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This is how Sajitha ‘disappeared’

It so happened that in February 2010, Sanjitha just left her home and moved into Rahman’s home who was her next-door neighbour. As she had no mobile phone on her, the police couldn’t trace her. Rahman on the other hand was not a police suspect given the fact that in most cases of elopement, both the partners are reported missing.

Rahman’s brother Basheer told the Indian Express that his brother had his own separate room, kept it locked and didn’t let any one barge in. Moreover, due to his temperament being that of a short-tempered person, his parents, who worked as daily wagers, didn’t bother him much.

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How Rahman and Sajitha lived ‘together’

Basheer, who was reported by Indian Express saying-

“Sometimes he behaved like a mentally deranged person, would turn violent if someone tried to get into his room. He would even take his food in to eat… During the day, as everyone was at work, Rahman and Sajitha would have the house to themselves,”

lives separately and works as a truck driver.

Basheer also informed that Sajitha would wash her clothes inside the room and even dry it there. She also kept herself busy with a small TV Rahman provided her which she saw using earphones.  Recently, things got a little murkier as Rahman’s family started looking for a wife for him and he neither objected to the issue, nor confronted his parents regarding the same.

“Rahman removed bars from room’s window”: Panchayat suspects mental issues

Indian Express also reported that the village’s panchayat member Pushpakaran said how Rahman was an introvert and the panchayat thought he had some mental issues. He was also quoted saying-

“What we understand is that he had removed a few bars from his room’s window. There was no attached toilet and hence Sajitha would go out through the window at night, or when the parents were away.”

According to the police, the entire village had forgotten her and had assumed that she may have eloped years back with someone to Tamil Nadu. Although it is not clear yet, but Sajitha left the house 3 months back and the same day, Rahman fought with his parents and then moved out of his house. The couple found a new house in another village.

All is well that ends well

After being found out by the police, Rahman was produced to the court where she admitted that he was afraid of his family not accepting Sajitha. While the story may be bizzare and it is still unclear as to why the two decided that Sajitha stayed in a locked room, there is an happy ending to the story. After being produced to the court, Sajitha asked the court to let him stay with Rahman and the court allowed them to live together.