In the Tamil Nadu rural local body BJP candidate D. Karthik with 5 members in his family was mocked after he got only 1 vote. The ordeal soon caught the attention of netizens who made memes on Twitter. Such was the mockery his candidature induced that #Single_Vote_BJP was trending on the day the news broke out. The man was contesting for becoming the ward member in Coimbatore’s Periyanaickenpalayam union.


The world of elections is filled with swaying opinions and swaying alliances. Indian masses keenly keep an eye on the numbers – who got how many votes, how many more votes to consider a win or lose, and such. However, not every single time does it happen that the wins and losses occur on a thin margin. Often, a candidate receives a reality check when they receive lesser votes than they imagined.

Recently a BJP candidate received such a reality check with just 1 vote in his kitty.

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The Facts of the Matter

Recently, the local body polls in Tamil Nadu state were held. The elections took place on October 6 and October 9. there were 27,003 posts and as many as 79,433 candidates fought for the election of their lives.

#SingleVoteBJP Trends on Twitter

While all went well with the elections and no reports of poll-violence emerged, a strange report caught the eyes of the netizens. Mr. D. Karthik was a functionary for the BJP and fought in the elections. The election’s results for Mr. Karthik was a reality check as he received only 1 vote. Interestingly enough, he received only 1 while despite having 5 members in his family.

Mr. Karthik contested in the Periyanaickenpalayam union and his news of 1 vote received a open mockery on Twitter. Soon the ‘trendings’ section had one more hilarious trend – “#Single_Vote_BJP”.

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“Did not Contest on BJP’s Behalf”: D. Karthik Clarifies Situation

After being on the receiving end of the mockery, Mr. Karthik chose to control the narrative. Reportedly, Mr. Karthik claimed that his family’s vote was in the Ward Number 4 and thus, they could not vote for him. The candidate claimed that he was independent one as local polls candidate do not fight under a particular political party.

In a New Indian Express report, Mr. Karthik was quoted saying, “I did not contest on behalf of BJP. I contested in the election as an independent candidate on a car symbol.” He further added, “My family has four votes and all the votes are in ward 4 of the panchayat. Even my four family members and I have no vote in the 9th ward where I contested.”

Mr. Karthik claimed that he was being trolled on social media for something which was not true.

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Netizens Have a Day on D. Karthik’s Behalf

While Mr. Karthik tried to control the situation, his ‘1 vote’ received some interesting reactions from political leaders. Activist writer Meena Kandasamy took to Twitter and said, “BJP candidate gets only one vote in local body elections. Proud of the four other voters in his household who decided to vote for others.”

DMK leader Isai wrote, “BJP Candidate secured 1 vote! Trivia: His family has 5 votes,” and added a laughing emoji.

“Will Emerge Victorious”: Determined D. Karthik

Meanwhile, the lack of votes does not seem to have affected Mr. Karthik. In an Indian Express report, Mr. Karthik claimed that securing the one vote was a “victory” for him. He added that he will contest in a different ward after doing ground work and hence, emerge victorious.

“I am the vice-president of Coimbatore (North) BJP youth wing. I just took a chance in the polls. Due to family circumstances, I wasn’t able to campaign properly and hence people in that ward didn’t know that I was contesting in the polls. I have secured one vote and I consider that itself as a victory. Next time I will contest in ward 4, do groundwork, will emerge victorious and bring laurels to my party,” Mr. Karthik said.