A rape survivor from IAF gave horrid testimony against IAF and claimed that she was “blackmailed and forced to give 2-finger test”. For the unversed, the Supreme Court has banned the 2-finger test by doctors for the rape survivors as it violates right to privacy.

According to reports, a 28-year-old female IAF officer was raped by her colleague. The horrid crime took place at the Air Force Administrative College, Coimbatore.

The IAF officer made two serious allegations. Firstly, that she was sexually assaulted by her college, an IAF officer himself. Secondly, the IAF authorities put her through the banned two-finger test that survivors had to take once.


Men and women in uniform carry a distinct way about themselves. They are expected to safeguard the life, honour and dignity of common people that they serve. However, the depravity of human mind is such that a uniform doesn’t stop them from committing mistakes.

From priests to cops, those who are the gateway to safety commit blood curdling crimes and leave scars on humanity itself.

Recently, a IAF officer came forward and alleged that she was raped by her colleague.

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The Facts of the Matter

The Air Force Administrative College serves as one of the oldest training institutes of the Indian Air Force. The institute known for churning out some of the most talented officers, has been in news lately.

Recently, a female IAF officer alleged that she was sexually assaulted by her colleague. Further, she claimed that after the authorities took over the matter, they subjected her to the 2-finger test. Further, she was also blackmailed into withdrawing her rape complaint against the accused.

According to the reports, the survivor took to the All Woman Police Station after the IAF filed to take action till September 20. The alleged crime was committed earlier this month, on September 10. After the complaint, the police arrested Amitesh Harmukh on September 25.

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IAF Objects to Arrest, Wants Accused Handed Over

Meanwhile, the IAF has taken to the court that the local police cannot arrest an IAF officer and only the Defence Court can intervene where a court martial can be conducted. The IAF has hence filed a petition and wants the accused to be handed over.

The Horrid Crime that Took Place

Reportedly, the accused and the survivor belonged from Chhattisgarh and were part of a training course. On the evening of September 9, they were attending a party at the officers’ mess. The complaint raised by the survivor stated that she was attacked by a drunk officer on the wee hours of next day. The survivor had been sleeping after taking a medicine when she was attacked.

In subconscious state of being, the survivor saw a figure came into her room. The woman claimed that she had asked the officer to leave her multiple times and couldn’t move her body. She confronted the alleged accused next day, who apologized to her.

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Accused Admits to Crime, Troubles Continue for Survivor

Reportedly, the FIR also states that the accused Amitesh also confessed to the crime in a video footage that was captured by the survivor’s friends. However, the survivor’s troubles had just started. The survivor’s senior officers asked her to take the case back as it would tarnish her reputation and IAF’s as well.

The survivor mustered up courage and went ahead with complaining. She faced yet another trauma as the IAF doctors conducted the 2-finger test on the survivor. For the unversed, the 2-finger test has been banned by the Supreme Court.

IAF and Police At Odds

Currently, the alleged accused is under judicial custody. The IAF and Coimbatore Police are at odds. The former is asking the police to hand over the accused so that the additional court can put the accused under trial. Meanwhile, the police is claiming that after the survivor lost hope from getting support for IAF, she took to the police.