In a story that can trump all drinking stories, a Bolivian man went out for a night out, and drank so much that he ended up waking in coffin. The man was identified as Victor Hugo Mica Alvarez. Victor was reportedly attending a festival, and had a few with his friend. However, he eventually ended up getting buried alive, after he passed out in a coffin.

According to reports, Victor was attending a festival called ‘Pachamana’, which is celebrated on the first week of August to celebrate Mother Earth. The festival is usually celebrated by Toba community, who live primarily in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay.

It so happened that Victor was with his friend to attend the festival. Victor started the festivities by opening a can of cold one with his friend. However, things changed really soon really fast, when he felt nature’s call.

To his shock, he couldn’t move at all to attend the call. Pretty soon he found out that he was in a closed space, and only after he broke out of the coffin, he found out that he had been lying there passed out.

“I pushed the coffin I barely broke the glass and, through the glass, dirt began to enter and so I managed to get out. I have been buried,” he was quoted saying.

The Facts of the Matter

We all have people in our lives who have the best (or the most horrific) drunk stories. These stories start with the simple act of drinking, and end at weird, strange and often, shocking places. However, a incident was reported from Bolivia, where a man drank so much, he ended up passing out in coffin, and was buried six-feet under.

Victor Attends ‘Pachamana’ to Honour Mother Earth

30-year-old Victor Hugo Mica Alvarez recently attended a festival observed by Toba community in the honour of Mother Earth. Little did he know that he would end up breaking out of a casket some 50 miles from the place where he had actually passed out.

Drinking, Waking Up in Buried Casket

Like many, Victor too had been drinking with his friend at the opening of the festival. In no time, he had so much to drink, that he passed out. He woke up with the sensation to attend the nature’s call. However, he was terrified to find out being stuck inside a thick casket.

How Victor Crawled Out Of Buried Casket?

Somehow, Victor was able to break through to the other side. “The only thing I remember is that I thought I was in my bed and I got up to go pee, and I couldn’t move anymore,” he was quoted saying in a LADBible report.

“And when I pushed the coffin I barely broke the glass and, through the glass, dirt began to enter and so I managed to get out. I have been buried,” the report further quoted him.

Was Victor Part of Something Sinister?

However, this was not the strangest part of the entire ordeal. Victor has a strong sense that he was buried alive as a sacrifice – or sullu – to the Mother Earth. Sullu is referred by indigenous communities as offerings given to Mother Earth. These offerings are often sweets and coca leaves.

But there are rumours that some people secretly continue the tradition of sacrificing human beings. Was Victor used as a sacrifice? Guess, we’ll never know!


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