Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla got brutally trolled on twitter after news surfaced that she filed plea against 5G technology in India. The former actress, who is also an active environmental activist took to the Delhi High Court and filed a plea against 5G technology claiming that the 5G caused radiation has impact on people, animals, and Flora-fauna.


Since its inception the 5G technology has received a lot of pushbacks. Certain community of conspiracy theorists across the world unanimously agreed that 5G is linked to COVID-19 pandemic. Without any scientific proof or backing, anti-5G movements have emerged. In 2020, these theorists went as far as burning 5G towers in Belgium, Netherlands and Quebec. In India, the foundations of 5G have been laid, and Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel will be conducting the first trials in the next 6 months.

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On Monday, the Darr film actress took to the Delhi High Court and filed a plea against 5G implementation across India. According to Chawla’s petition, the radiation from 5G will lead to RF exposure to the population on the earth which will be hundreds of times more than the current one. This, according to Chawla, can lead to serious consequences on humans which will be irreversible in nature.

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Hearing to take place on June 2

The hearing will take place on June 2. The hearing was scheduled by Justice C. Hari Shankar who was approached by Chawla’s petitioner and who chose to transfer the case to a different High Court bench.

In her press interview, Chawla said,

“We have sufficient reason to believe that the radiation is extremely harmful and injurious to the health and safety of the people,”

while adding that she doesn’t stand against technological advancements.

In her petition, several evidences of experiments that showed wireless mobile phone technology generates electromagnetic population which can lead to damage to DNA, cells, plants’ organ systems, animals and can cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease were cited. She will be represented by advocate Deepak Khosla.

“Defendants should certify that 5G is safe”: Juhi Chawla

After the news broke, Chawla’s spokesperson issued a statement which said-

“The present suit is being instituted in order to seek a direction from this Hon’ble court to the arrayed Defendants, to certify to us and, therefore, to the public at large, that 5G technology is safe to humankind, man, woman, adult, child, infant, animals and every type of organisms, to flora, to fauna.”

The statement further asked the defendants to-

“produce their respective studies regarding RF radiation through mobile cell towers, and if not already conducted, to also conduct an efficient research, and without participation of private interest, and to subsequently furnish the report and declare whether or not the implementation of 5G in India would be safe, keeping in regards the health and safety of the present and future citizenry on India, including little children and infants, as well as infants of generations to come.”

Juhi Chawla Trolled by Twitter after filing plea against 5G

After the news broke, Twitteratis came together and trolled Chawla hard and labelled her as someone who trusted “WhatsApp forwards”.

What is 5G?

Wireless component manufacturer Qualcomm defines 5G as:

“5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users.”

The technology makes use of high scale frequencies that are on the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 3.5 GHz to several tens of GHz.

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Is 5G not good for health?

It’s not only the Bollywood actress turned activist Juhi Chawla that has raised concerns over 5G’s implementation and its consequences on health. Several protestors and activists around the world are concerned about 5G’s health impact due to the fact that the technology delivers much higher electromagnetic frequencies.

But a research by Deloitte titled Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions stated that the fears around 5G are blown out of proportion. The company in its research observed that the most common fear around 5G is that it may lead to cancer and can its radiation can also weaken the human immune system.

It further stated that

“5G does generate radiation, but at very safe levels, and none of it is radioactive radiation. 5G base stations and phones, and the frequency ranges within which 5G operates, are very likely to be operating well within safe parameters in 2021 and throughout 5G’s lifetime which may extend to two decades.”