A recent Reddit post is grabbing the attention of many, especially those working in the formal sector. Through a screenshot, a man has shown how his boss got ‘offended’ when he texted him ‘hey’. Shreyas, who has shared the screengrab of the whole chat, received a sermon from his boss. The boss, Sandeep, can be seen explaining what phrases are ‘formal’ and what are not.

The post has spurred a new conversation among those who work in the formal sector. It has become more relevant as more and more workplaces are trying to shun rigidly formal environment.

‘Hey’, ‘Dude’, ‘Man’ Area Big No, Explains the Boss

Shreyas received a message from his boss over WhatsApp, in which the boss addressed him with ‘Hi, Shreyas’. However, the boss apparently got upset when Shreyas replied ‘hey’. “It’s offensive for me,” he says.

However, the boss doesn’t stop here. He pulls out a list of phrases that pass the professional litmus test and can be used. These words include ‘Hello’ and ‘Hi there’. Words like, ‘Dude’ or ‘Man’ have to be avoided.

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Is WhatsApp a Formal Platform?

Shreyas highlights an interesting fact that the conversation was initiated on WhatsApp and not on professional platforms like LinkedIn or Mail. Sandeep says that WhatsApp is not a personal space anymore.

This definitely raises an interesting question as to where the line of professional life ends. It is especially evident given the ever evolving nature of communication. Hopefully, Shreyas and Sandeep will reach a consensus on this.

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“You will understand it sooner or later”

The conversation ends with the boss telling his employee that he is not insisting his ideology upon him. Ironically, the last message reads, “If you understand it, fine; or you will understand it sooner or later.” Hopefully, this does not count as insisting on one’s ideology.

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Insightful Reactions Pour In

Every employee faces this conundrum in her career, and hence this post has struck a chord with a large number of users. Consequently, several reactions have poured in.

It seems the users are pretty irked by the boss’s behaviour. One user called his behaviour as “condescending” while another found him a “control freak.” Some have also come up with rather sarcastic replies to Sandeep’s message, saying using emoji is also unprofessional.

Many users from foreign lands are bewildered by the rampant usage of WhatsApp in India for professional purposes. Shouldn’t WhatsApp be a personal space?

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