A video showing a Malaysian boy somehow ‘vanishing’ in thin air while he was on a fair ride has baffled netizens who have paused and played the video numerous times to believe their eyes. The video of the baffling turn-of-events was taken by the boy’s mother who was filming the boy having a gala of a time at a park in Malaysia’s Johor.

The mother in question, 30-year-old Nur Afrina Rosni, was filming her 5-year-old son Muiz Safran as he was enjoying the joyride in the Johor-based park. The boy was sitting next to another boy, who appeared to be in the same age group.

As she filmed her son on the park ride, she had to take a double take. Scratching her eyes in disbelief, the proud-mom couldn’t believe her son had somehow vanished when the ride he was on came around for a second round.

She later took to TikTok to share the video and captioned the same with – “Who is sitting next to Muiz?”.

Explaining the ordeal, the Maly mom was quoted saying, “While I was filming a short video, the car came around a second time and my son was suddenly alone. When the ride finished, my son came down but the boy next to him did not appear anywhere.”

The Facts of the Matter

The internet has no dearth of spooky videos where a person who’s right in the front and center of the video frame somehow disappears. Such videos often trigger arguments on the comments section, with some netizens accounting the disappearance to superstition, while others pointing to visual editing as the cause of the ‘disappearance’.

Video of Disappearing Boy Takes Internet by Storm

A similar video has emerged on social media where a boy seemingly ‘vanishes’ in thin air while being on a theme park ride. The incident was reported from Johar.

30-year-old Nur Afrina was at a park with her 5-year-old son Muiz. Her son took a ride on the seat and another boy took the seat next to Muiz. Speaking to The Sun, Nur Afrina explained, “I am not mistaken. They were sitting together. I didn’t know the boy next to him.”

“Son suddenly alone”

“I think the workers seated them together. While I was filming a short video, the car came around a second time and my son was suddenly alone,” she added, reported The Sun.

She claimed that after her son got off the ride, they both looked around for the other child who somehow disappeared. She claimed that she was spooked out at the ordeal and continues to wonder what happened to the boy who had taken the seat next to her son.

“It was scary”

“Muiz said he was sitting with a boy on the ride. When I showed him the video, he said he did not know where he went. It was scary, but my son is okay,” she was quoted in The Sun report.

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