Brahmastra, featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, opened in theatres on September 9. The film’s production took more than five years. It is considered one of the most costly Indian films ever made, with a budget of more than Rs 400 crore. Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer fantasy film is visually appealing but lacks in the storytelling part. Brahmastra Part 1 is a mediocre action drama with an intriguing premise.


The production companies Star Studios, Dharma Productions, Prime Focus, and Starlight Pictures sponsored Brahmastra Part 1. The superhero trilogy by Ayan Mukerji has the sense of a foreign interpretation of an Indian classic. Overall, Brahmastra describes the story of the Astras and the superhumans who utilize them and make up the Brahmansh. The group, which makes prayers to the supreme deity Brahm, seeks to defend the world’s inherent brightness from all forms of darkness.

The love track’s writing could have been stronger. There is too much visual effect. With a few obvious drawbacks, Brahmastra Part 1 has everything the best-looking Indian movie should have. If you can give the X-Men or Avengers a try, then Brahmastra is also worth your attention.

Brahmastra Part 1 Star cast: Ranbir Kapoor , Alia Bhatt , Mouni Roy , Nagarjuna Akkineni

Brahmastra Part 1 Director: Ayan Mukerji

According to the box office trend, the movie has a loyal audience who wants to see the spectacle. However, the film has garnered a mixed response from the netizens. Let’s check out the reactions:


DJ Shiva ( Ranbir Kapoor), who hails from a modest background, encounters Isha ( Alia Bhatt) at a festival celebration, and the duo falls in love. At the same time, he starts to get visions of a dark entity headed by Junoon (Mouni Roy), who is trying to gather the components to conquer the world and cause massive havoc. Shiva, together with Isha, must set off on a quest to discover his destiny as these visions get more intense.


Shah Rukh Khan and seasoned actress Dimple Kapadia are the significant surprises in the drama. In the movie, both prominent actors make cameo appearances; as usual, their performances are outstanding.

Script Analysis

It’s tricky to establish a superhero universe. It’s not acceptable to go out and create a visually spectacular film without focusing much attention on emotions. The film’s major flaw is its scripted love story. The dialogue penned by Hussain Dalal is equally dull as that in Hollywood dubs. There are many profound scenes about introspection, self-doubt, and self-realization. Still, the routine dialogues fall short of the beautiful visual presentation that fuels your enthusiasm right up to the very end.

Star Performance

As Shiva, Ranbir offers spirited performance. Alia Bhatt portrays the typical romantic interest part of the story. It’s a simple task to carry out because it’s routine. Despite having little on-screen time, Nagarjuna’s character makes a strong impression.

With her career-changing act as the villain, Mouni Roy smashes the Naagin label. In his act as Guruji, Amitabh Bachchan maintains the required powerful presence on screen.

Direction & Music

Mukerji adheres to the traditional ideas of “love at first sight” and “rich falling for the poor.” This demonstrates how, when a love story isn’t crafted organically, it doesn’t help if a real-life pair is cast. This time Ayan Mukeriji’s direction is strictly average. However, the Choreography and execution of the action scenes are outstanding.

Pritam’s soundtrack is quite repetitive for a movie that seeks to strike new ground. Simon’s background music is better, but Hollywood Compositions substantially inspire it. The movie needs to be trimmed because it’s highly lengthy. Overall, the film Brahmastra Part 1 is undoubtedly a visual feast but lacks engrossing storytelling.


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