A brave Florida-based restaurant employee recently foiled a carjacking attempt and ended up saving a mother & a child with the video of the entire ordeal going viral on social media. The incident was reported from a parking lot of popular restaurant Chick-fil-A in Fort Walton Beach.

According to reports, the brave employee rushed out of the restaurant when he heard the screams of a woman holding her baby. Reportedly the woman found herself in a state of panic after a man grabbed the keys for her car and was attempting to steal it.

Viral video of the incident shows the employee of the restaurant dodging the accused man to the ground. The two roll around and tussle on the ground for a while before the carjacker realizes that surrendering is the best course of action for him. The accused simply sits down, as the police is called and the matter is thankfully resolved with neither party getting gravely injured and the mother and child safe.

The video of the incident was shared by the office of the Okaloosa Sheriff with a caption that read, “… we want to say a sincere thank you to Ms. Kelner for providing video of a portion of the encounter. (see prior post). A major shout-out to this young man for his courage!”.

The Facts of the Matter

While we have read plenty of bizarre, shocking and hilarious “Florida man” reports, the recent news coming from the tropical state is surely something different. Recently, an employee of a restaurant in Florida saved a woman and her baby from being carjacked. The man is now being lauded as a hero on social media, with many netizens doing their part to reshare and retweet the story.

The incident occurred at the parking lot of a restaurant called Chick-fil-A located in Florida’s Fort Walton Beach. It just so happened that a restaurant employee heard the screams of a woman, and rushed to the seen. What happened next, was caught on video, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show?

The over one-minute clip puts viewers straight into the thick of the things as a man in high-visibility vest can be seen tackling another man and pinning him down. The two tussle for a while, and try to overpower each other. However, the accused is exhausted in a while. Meanwhile, a woman can also be seen in the frame, holding her baby. The woman can be seen screaming for help and soon a swarm of onlookers gather.

Eventually, the accused simply sits down on the ground, and waits for the police to take him to the station.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Video

Netizens on Twitter appreciated and lauded the restaurant employee for his quick thinking and intervention.

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Investigators Give More Details

According to the investigators, a woman was taking her baby out of the car when the accused, identified as William Branch, approached her. The accused was carrying a stick and demanded the car keys. Before the woman could react, the accused simply snatched the car keys from the woman’s waistband, unlocked the car, and got inside it.

This was when the woman started screaming for help, the investigators claimed. Hearing the woman’s panicked screams, the restaurant employee rushed to intervene.

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