In a heartwarming development, a gritty and brave Mumbai-based girl made headlines after she chose to write her class 10 exam three days after being hit by a car. The brave girl was captured lying inside the ambulance, holding her question paper in one hand, dictating the answer to the writer sitting beside her in the ambulance. The inspiring student who made headlines was identified as Mubashshira Sayyed.

Mubashshira Sayyed, a 15-year-old student of Anjuman-I-Islam’s Dr MIJ Girls High School in Bandra, Mumbai, showed remarkable determination and resilience when she appeared for her SSC exam lying down in an ambulance for over two hours. Just three days earlier, she had been involved in a car accident that left her left foot injured. Despite being advised complete bed rest for two weeks, Mubashshira refused to let the accident deter her from taking her exams.

After writing her science paper 2 (biology) at St Stanislaus High School, Bandra, on Friday, Mubashshira was headed home when the wheels of a car ran over her left foot as she was crossing the road. After being hospitalsied for two days, Mubashshira made the brave choice of appearing for her exam, even if it meant she had to be lying inside an ambulance, and a writer would be taking down all her answers.

The Facts of the Matter

Mubashshira Sayyed, a Class 10 student from Mumbai, is an inspiration to us all. Despite being hit by a car just days before her SSC exams, Mubashshira was determined not to let her injury stop her from achieving her dreams. With the help of two schools and state board officials, she showed up for her science exam lying down in an ambulance for over two hours, with a writer seated next to her.

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Perseverance in Face of Adversity

The wheels of the car had run over Mubashshira’s left foot, leaving her in excruciating pain. However, the pain of not being able to take her remaining exams felt even worse. Mubashshira’s teachers and peers rallied around her, and soon she was on her way to the exam centre, determined to finish what she had started.

Class 9 Student Becomes Mubashshira’s Guiding Light

As Mubashshira lay in the ambulance, the world outside faded away, and all that mattered was the exam paper in her hands. Her writer, Class 9 Student Noorsaba Ansari, was her guiding light, helping her pen down her thoughts and ideas with the speed and accuracy of a seasoned pro. It felt weird to see someone else write her answers, but Mubashshira was just happy to be there, taking the test like everyone else.

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Teachers Pool Money to Help with Medical Expenses

The ambulance may be associated with negativity, but for Mubashshira, it was a symbol of hope and perseverance. The ambulance was her chariot, carrying her to her destiny, even as the world watched with bated breath. Her teachers pooled together money to help with her medical expenses, while her principal, Saba Quraishi, made sure that all the necessary arrangements were in place.

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Mubashshira To Continue Writing Exam in Ambulance

As Mubashshira looks back on that day, she knows that she couldn’t have done it alone. The support of her teachers, friends, and family gave her the strength to push through the pain and complete her exam. And she isn’t done yet. Mubashshira will appear for her last two papers from the ambulance as well, showing us that nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it.

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