In a strange development, a Brazilian couple recently spotted a large ‘skeletal alien hand’ on a beach with scientists later claiming the hand not being human thanks to its shape and size. According to reports, the strange object was first spotted by a couple, Leticia Gomez and her boyfriend Devanir Souza. The couple were out on a stroll on the beach’s shoreline when they spotted the weird hand earlier on November 20.

A Mirror report quoted Letica giving an account of her first reaction to seeing the object. “We think it is not human because of the size and amount of bones. What could it possibly be?”, a shocked Letica told reporters. The couple then did the most 2022 thing after seeing the object – document it.

They filmed the ‘alien’ hand that as per pictures has bizarrely long fingers. They also compared the hand’s size by putting it next to Letica’s footwear, just to put into perspective as to how huge the skeletal hand was.

Meanwhile, Marine biologist Eric Comin is of the opinion that the ‘alien’ hand is definitely not human’s. He mentioned that the ‘hand’ belongs to an aquatic mammal cetacean, which includes whales and dolphins.

Meanwhile, locals have linked the hand to an otherworldly aspect, quite literally. “Looks like ET’s hand”, a local commented.

The Facts of the Matter

The world is a truly magnificent place to live in. It’s filled with monumental landmarks, beautiful landscapes and often, some straneg and bizzarre objects. In an incident that falls in the last category, a couple in Brazil recently spotted a large ‘skeletal alien hand’ on the beach, images of which, have sparked a debate on what animal or otherworldly creature does it belong to.

The incident was reported from llha Comprida beach in São Paulo State, Brazil.

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Couple’s Stroll on Beach Gets Eventful

Earlier on November 20, Leticia Gomez and her boyfriend Devanir Souza were taking a stroll on an otherwise uneventful day. However, the day turned upside down when the couple spotted a large ‘skeletal alien hand’ lying on the beach.

Before waves would crash and take away the hand, the couple pulled out their phones and started filming the object.

“Worse if it’s alien”: Brazil Woman Speculates

The couple also placed Leticia’s flip-flop next to the strange looking hand just to put perspective on how large the hand was.

“It’s very big. We don’t know what animal it is, even worse if it’s an alien,” Leticia said. “We think it is not human because of the size and amount of bones. What could it possibly be?”, a part-shocked, part-scared Letica added.

The couple also shared their discovery with other locals, who linked the object to the world of aliens and monsters. One local joked how the hand looks like ET’s, while other quipped that it looks like “mermaid’s hand”.

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Bones on Beaches Left For a Reason, Says Expert

After the news of discovery spread like wildfire, Cananéia Research Institute (IPEC) spokesperson Henrique Chupill said, “We always prioritise leaving the bones on the beach so it does not interfere with the cycling of nutrients within the ecosystem.”

“Eventually, when there is some scientific interest, we collect them to be used in studies. If they are recently-deceased animals, we collect them to perform necropsies and identify the cause of death,” the statement by IPEC spokesperson further read.

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Hand Likely To Be of Dolphin or Whale

Meanwhile, marine biologist Eric Comin explicitly said that the hand is not of a human. However, before you can put your tinfoil hat on, we must share the rest of the details given by Mr Comin. He mentioned that the hand belongs to a cetacean, an aquatic mammal which includes whales and dolphins.

He further added that based on the images of the hand, the mammal died in sea some 18 months ago.


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