Beth Neale and Miles Cloutier, the couple who recently broke the Guinness World Record for the longest underwater kiss, sure remained breathless in love, taking their love to great depths. With four minutes and six seconds of underwater kissing, they’ve proved that when it comes to romance, they don’t just dip their toes in the water. The couple beat the last record by well and over 40 seconds.

It’s safe to say that Beth and Miles sure know how to make a splash, and their joint Instagram account @freedivingcouple is making rounds of social media, giving couples across the world some serious relationship goals. Engaged with a daughter together, the couple met about five years ago when Neale was teaching a program called “Kids on the Reef”.

During the program, the couple truly madly and deeply fell in love with each other. No strangers to some incredible feats, Beth is a four-time South African Freedive Champion. However, kissing her partner underwater was a whole different ballgame.

As the couple spent moments indulging in their love underwater, their instincts of swim back to the surface and take air in their lungs intensified. However, they both fought against their instincts, and completed etched the record.

The Facts of the Matter

In a unique display of affection, a couple has created the new world record for the longest underwater kiss on Valentine’s Day. Beth Neale, a South African underwater filmmaker, and Miles Cloutier, a Canadian diving enthusiast, recently broke the world record for longest underwater kiss with an impressive time of 4 minutes and 6 seconds during their time at an infinity pool in the Maldives.

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What was the Previous Record?

The couple, who are engaged and have a daughter named Neve, are based in South Africa. To undertake the challenge, they travelled all the way to LUX South Ari Atoll resort in Maldives. The couple had quite a task ahead of them – breaking the record for the longest underwater kiss – which previously stood at 3 minutes and 24 seconds. This record had not been broken for over 10 years.

To take the leap of faith, the couple couldn’t have chosen a better day. They both plunged into the infinity pool on Valentine’s Day. However, before their final and successful attempt, they started their training weeks before heading to the Maldives-based resort.

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The Challenges and the First Attempts

While kissing in infinity pool may sound romantic, the romance takes a backseat when the oxygen in the body continues to diminish. As the couple started their training, they realised what they were in for. Beth, a four-times South African Freedive Champion herself, found it difficult to fight against the urge of all she instructed.

“Three days before the record I could just not hold my breath,” Beth said, as Miles chimed in and added, “We couldn’t even reach the existing record – we weren’t even close.” Beth, a freedive instructor herself, found it difficult to bypass all the things she taught about surviving in the seas.

“It was very interesting for me because I’m a freedive instructor. And all the things I tell my students, I wasn’t able to follow myself for the first time in my life,” she said.

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The Final Attempt

During their final attempt, the couple urged the onlookers to make sure they don’t cheer until they reach the four-minute mark. The onlookers obliged, and after the four-minute mark hit, the entire area erupted in applause.

Interestingly, the applause was unheard by the couple who were underwater. Miles recalled the final moments of their record attempt and said, “I was waiting for the applause because we fully expected that and it never came, so we were kind of waiting and waiting for it.”


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