In a bid to go viral, a bride-to-be lifted dumbbells while another asked for a night suit, only to send netizens on a laughter ride. Footage of a bride lifting weights in the gym has recently gone viral on the internet. The lady can be seen lifting dumbbells in her bridal outfit with hair and make-up, all ready for the wedding. Another video of a woman doing push-ups in her lehenga has become the talk of the town as well.

The Brides of the Internet

There are so many brides who have broken the stereotypes of a traditional Indian bride being shy and reserved. These women took it on themselves to challenge the age-old notion by doing things that are completely unimaginable for a bride.

The video of a bride lifting weights in the gym was shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on his Twitter account.

The bride is all decked up in her wedding attire while the cameraman tries to capture her from all angles possible. Apart from lifting heavy dumbbells, she is also doing front hand perpendicular chain-pulling, an exercise that requires a perfect posture and understanding of spine shape.

The video has been watched 17 thousand times and the netizens have made some witty comments.

Another video shared by Aana Arora on her Instagram, where she can be seen doing pushups in her Red Lehenga, again all decked up for the wedding. Arora, a model and a dietician by profession has posted many videos of her working out on social media before.


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However, this one in a bridal lehenga has garnered more than 5 lakh views. When others find walking in these heavy lehengas to be quite troublesome, Aana has flawlessly managed to perform push-ups in it.

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Bride Wants to Ditch Lehenga for Night Suit

The last one comes straight from the Pheras during a wedding. A bride, probably tired wearing the heavy lehenga, was craving to get back in her night suit.

The video was uploaded by Harshita Sethi on Instagram and the bride was identified as Parul Sethi. When Harshita asked Parul about what she needed the most at that moment, Parul answered “Night Suit”.

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What Netizens Have to Say

These videos have gone viral among Indian internet users and they have some hilarious comments to make.

While some thought the weightlifting bride was incredible, others saw her as Devsena from Bahubali. Some even got inspiration for their own wedding shoots.

Even though the fitness freak bride has become quite a rage on social media, there are a few who are surprised by the bride wanting night suits on her wedding day.