A desi wife’s anxious rant during paragliding has gone viral in which the woman can be heard screaming, “Brijesh, I will kill you”. In the video gone viral, the woman goes on to blame her husband for putting him through the ordeal. Throughout the entire video, the woman can be heard saying how she is too scared and afraid to look down or even open her eyes. The instructor tries to calm the woman down and asks her to not look down and look ahead or above. However, the woman’s anxiety is on its peak and doesn’t subside.

The instructor also asks her to calm herself down or otherwise the video will go viral. The instructor was making a reference to an earlier gone viral video where a man identified as Vipin Sahu asks the instructor, “Bhai 500 zyada le le par land kara de (Take Rs. 500 more, just make me land). The man was later famous as ‘land kara de guy’ on internet.

The Facts of the Matter

Adventure sports such as paragliding, sky-diving, bungee-jumping look exciting on videos and images. For adventurous souls, such sports are actually enjoyable and thrilling. They come inches close to a mishap, but in a controlled environment, feel life in its entirety.

However, the same is not cut-out for everyone. Many people pay a handsome sum to enjoy such adventure sports, but eventually realize they are too scared and can’t go through the whole ordeal. The worst part in such situations is that the realization dawns upon them while they are in the middle of the activity.

Recently, a woman’s rant during paragliding is making the rounds of internet. The edited version of the video starts and ends with the woman pleading the instructor to end the ordeal and repeatedly saying that she is too scared to open her eyes. However, in an unedited version of the video, the woman can be heard questioning why she got married and goes on to blame her husband for making her indulge in the heart-racing activity.

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“Meri Shaadi Kyu Karwai..”: Woman’s Anxiety Induced Rant

From the beginning of the video the woman can be heard saying, ”Nahi jaana.. (I don’t want to go)”, repeatedly. However, the instructor who’s in control takes the leap and soon the duo is in the air. The woman can be seen holding a selfie stick and the camera captures her saying, “I will kill you Brijesh. Hey bhagwan, meri shaadi kyu karwai bhagwan (Oh God, why did you get me married).

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“Video Viral Ho Jayegi Madam”

She continues to claim that she will not be able to open her eyes. The instructor tells her to calm herself and look above or ahead. The woman, traumatized, is unmoved by the instructor’s request. At one point in the video, the instructor also tells her to calm down or otherwise her anxiety induced rant will go viral.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to Desi Wife’s Rant While Paragliding

Netizens were quick to react to the video that has now gone viral. One netizen claimed that husbands must not push their wives to indulge in such activities as it can lead to the truth coming out. Netizens on Twitter were also reminded of the 2019 paragliding viral video where a man was pleading his instructor to land and was cursing himself for taking to paragliding.


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