In a shocking development, it is now being reported that the accused who made the Spicejet bomb hoax call, did so to help his friends spend more time with their lovers. The accused has been identified as 24-year-old Abhinav Prakash, a British Airways trainee ticketing agent. Earlier this week, a bomb-on-plane was made in a Delhi-Pune SpiceJet plane at the IGI airport, causing the plane to be grounded and the security personnel brought in to check whether the call was hoax or not.

During sustained questioning, the accused told the cops that his childhood friends were on a road trip to Manali, where they got close to two girls. The two girls were departing to Pune via Spicejet Airlines. The accused’s friends told him that they wanted to spend more time with their girlfriends. The accused hatched a devious plan of somehow delaying the Spicejet aircraft so that his friends could spend more time with their lovers.

The accused called Spicejet customer care phone number from his phone and told the personnel that ‘there is a bomb in Flight SG-8938′. When the officials of the airline tried to reconnect, the accused’s phone appeared to be switched off.

After the plane was grounded, the accused contacted the two girls and celebrated their plan being successful.

The Facts of the Matter

Earlier this week, a Pune-bound Spicejet flight from Delhi was grounded after the airline received a bomb-on-plane call. The phone call threw the CISF and Delhi Police in tizzy, prompting all the passengers and crew members to be taken in isolation bay at the IGI Airport.

The security personnel frisked every passenger thoroughly and the plane was searched for anything suspicious. Later, it was revealed that the call was actually a hoax.

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Accused of Hoax Call Identified

Days after the incident, it is now being reported that the accused who made the hoax call, did so, so that his friends could spend more time with their lovers, who were supposed to leave to Pune from Delhi.

The accused in the matter, 24-year-old Abhinav Prakash, has been identified as a British Airways trainee. He is a resident of Sector 22, Dwarka.

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Accused’s Friends’s Girlfriends Were on Pune-Bound Flight

In a statement, the Delhi Police said, “On being subjected to sustained custodial interrogation the accused disclosed that his childhood friends namely Rakesh @ Bunty and Kunal Sehrawat, who recently went on a road trip to Manali, became friends with two girls in Manali. Both the girls were departing today to Pune via flight No. SG-8938 of Spicejet Airlines”.

Friends Told Abhinav Of Wanting More Time With Lovers

The Delhi Police in its statement further added that Abhinav’s friends told him that they wanted to spend more time with their girlfriends, and the accused hatched a plan to make sure their flight gets delayed, so that the friends can spend some more time with their lovers.

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The Plan, The Execution & The Aftermath

The three accused then hatched a plan and called customer service about a bomb-on-plane in Flight SG-8938. When the airline reached out to reconnect with the accused, he stopped picking the calls up. Further, to act high and mighty about their dubious actions, the accused reached out to the two girls, and inquired about their flight’s status.

Further, the accused also celebrated when their plan was successful.

While the Abhinav remains arrested, the news of him being nabbed got to his co-accused friends and they are currently on the run.


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