Becoming the second this British firm fired its employees over a zoom call. Vishal Garg’s appears to have started an undesirable trend that is now being adopted by other businesses. A British company did the same thing months after dismissed 900 employees over the Zoom call.

P&O Ferries, a British shipping company, on a Zoom call informed 800 of its employees that their services were being terminated. The conversation was reportedly far shorter than it should have been. Employees were told about the layoff in about 3 minutes, according to reports.

Employees were fired last week, owing to the company’s lack of financial performance. Employees at P&O Ferries were also sacked on the grounds of redundancy, according to the video. Former employees would be given “an increased severance payout,” according to the staff.

Here is What Happened in the 3 mins Zoom Call

The shipping firm made a zoom call to its staff on March 17 informing them of a “big announcement.” “The corporation has decided that its vessels will be predominantly crewed by a third-party crew source in the future.” As a result, I regret to tell you that your employment has been terminated with immediate effect due to redundancy.

In the zoom call, a company executive is heard telling, “Your last day of employment is today.” Although the official stated that the employee will be reimbursed, the staff were taken aback by the announcement.

Fired 800 Employees in a Video Call

The employees were allegedly fired without warning, but according to a corporate official, they were notified via email, post, courier, and text message. The company, P&O Ferris, has lost £200 million in the last two years. In a statement, the corporation stated that it had no choice but to terminate nearly 800 employees.

When Laid Off 900 Workers On Zoom Call

On social media, Vishal Garg, the CEO of, was heavily mocked and chastised for terminating employees over the Zoom call. Garg was then given a brief break before returning to his post. At, his return prompted a wave of resignations. Senior executives who were dissatisfied with Garg’s comeback departed the organisation.

What Happened After?

Sarah Pierce, the executive vice president of customer experience, sales, and operations, and Emanuel Santa-Donato, the senior vice president of capital markets and growth, both left the firm soon after Garg was restored to his job, according to a TechCrunch report. According to the source, Pierce was dissatisfied with the way Garg fired the 900 employees during the Zoom call session.

She went so far as to post a message on LinkedIn explaining why she was leaving the organisation. After Pierce and Emanuel’s resignations, two more board members, Raj Date and Dinesh Chopra, also submitted their resignation letters. Employees quit in great numbers after Garg’s comeback, according to the report.

Nevertheless, the critiques did not deter from firing more staff, as the business asked roughly 4000 employees to depart in its second wave of layoffs. The layoffs occurred on March 9, and most employees were informed of their dismissal via severance cheques.


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