After 13 years the singer, Britney Spears has been finally freed from her father’s conservatorship. On Wednesday the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Brenda Penny agreed with a petition from Spears and her attorney. The judge suspended Britney’s father, James Spears from the conservatorship, saying the arrangement “reflects a toxic environment.”


In 2008, when Britney was going through a mental health crisis, her father, James Spears sought her conservatorship. In 2019, James gave up control over Britney’s personal life decisions but he continued to oversee her financial matters.

Since then, Jodi Montgomery was appointed by the court as a care manager of Britney for handling her personal decisions. Finally in this September James filed a petition to the Los Angeles court to end the conservatorship for his daughter’s best interest, saying that she has demonstrated a level of independence.

Britney Spears and her attorney, Mathew Rosengart agreed to it but argued that James Spears’ removal was an essential first step. Britney Spears was not present at the hearing and did not participate in any way. James Spears connected remotely but did not speak during the proceedings.

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The pop singer’s 13-year-conservatorship allegations

The 39-year-old US singer, Britney slams her father’s legal control over her life as “abusive.”

As per the documentary, “Britney vs Spears”, emerged in the courtroom on Tuesday, Britney tried twice to hire her lawyer in the early years of her conservatorship for which she was denied. Finally, this July she got to appoint Rosengart as her lawyer.

Rosengart who is a former federal prosecutor delivered a long list of allegations on James Spears regarding his abusive behavior with his daughter. Rosengart referred to James as toxic, cruel, and abusive throughout the court session.

He said, “Britney Spears deserves to wake up tomorrow without her father as her conservator,”.

Rosengart alleged James for proposing termination of the conservatorship because of the fear of disclosure of his corruptions by the successor. Britney and her attorney refused James’ attorney’s proposal for settlement talks accusing James of seeking to delay the end of the guardianship for his financial benefit.

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“Controlling Britney Spears” Documentary Reveals Truth

As per the documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears,” from the Times and the FX network, alleged Jamie Spears had surveillance devices secretly installed in his daughter’s bedroom to record her conversations.

Rosengart argued that James has crossed unfathomable lines by eavesdropping in his client’s intimate communications which included her boyfriend, children, and lawyer. Although James denied any illegal surveillance taking place, Rosengart suggested that law enforcement should investigate revelations in The New York Times about a listening device placed in Britney’s bedroom.

Rosengart added that Britney’s father was “never fit to serve,” citing in the petition allegations of James’ “reported alcoholism” and “trauma he caused his daughter since her childhood.”

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The judgment of the court

The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Brenda Penny agreed with a petition from Spears and her attorney stating “The current situation is untenable and reflects a toxic environment which requires the suspension of James Spears.”

Though Britney did not attend any of the court hearings, she busted into tears on hearing the judgment passed by the court. Penny appointed John Zabel an accountant as a temporary conservator of Spears’ estate, in an arrangement that can last until the end of the year.

For discussing the complete termination of the conservatorship, the judge has scheduled the next hearing in the case for November 12.

“Heart Racing Out of Chest” Britney’s fans React

The pop singer’s fans all over the world are rejoicing over the news of her almost freedom from her dad’s conservatorship. For years her fans have been petitioning for her father, Jamie Spears, to #FreeBritney, which appears to come to an end.

One of her fans Lorin Sisco came to Los Angeles for every proceeding at the courthouse from Hawaii said, “My heart’s racing out of my chest, and I’m happy for what she has to do with the rest of her life.”