In a moment of brutality caught on cam, a Tamil Nadu student missed class only to have teacher kick & thrash him violently. The absolute unwarranted violence has sparked outrage on social media and the video of the thrashing has already gone viral. The incident was reported from a government school in Cuddalore district. After the incident caused the widespread outrage, the district’s collector assured inquiry and appropriate action against the teacher.

Meanwhile, earlier last week, another disturbing report came from a Tamil Nadu school where 3 students were found mocking their visually impaired children. After the video of the students making fun of their teacher went viral, the students were dismissed from the school with a school transfer certificate.


In India, a teacher hitting students with cane or giving them a spanking is normalized to such an extent that it doesn’t invoke a stirring reaction. Over the course of the last decade, thanks to the awareness of new generation of parents, teachers and their harassment has been curbed. In private schools, teachers are instructed to not let their emotions get better of them and subsequentially hit students.

However, in government schools, there’s still the ‘tradition’ of caning and thrashing the students for various reasons. Recently, an incident from Tamil Nadu sheds the light on the ‘tradition’.

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The Facts of the Matter

We all have our fair share of stories of missing out on classes, sometimes not doing our homework, and hence, being punished by our teachers. While some teachers restrict the punishment to extra homework, or a stern warning, others go overboard.

Recently, a video of a teacher going way, way overboard when it comes to punishing his students has gone viral. The video shows a teacher brutally thrashing a student in a classroom as the other students watch – some horrified while others amused.

Reportedly, the student had skipped the teacher’s class a day prior to the violent outburst. The next day the teacher chose to punish him in a violent way for skipping his class. The video also shows a few students sitting on the floor, presumably being punished.

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What Does the Video Show

In the video, a teacher can be seen holding the hair of his student as the student is knelt on the floor. The teacher violently jerks the student while he’s keeping a hold on his hair. The teacher then goes on to continuously thrash the student with a cane. Meanwhile, meek voice of the student pleading in front of his teacher can also be heard. The teacher takes no heed to the pleading and continues hitting him. the teacher also goes on to kick the student on his knees. Other students can be seen looking at the whole violent harassment.

Watch the Video Here:

Reactions to Tamil Nadu Teacher’s Harassment

After the incident was widely reported, Congress Member of Parliament Mr. Karti P Chidambaram took to Twitter. “There is no place for corporal punishment in our school system. Strict action must be taken against the teacher,” the Congress MP wrote, tagging Anbil Mahesh, the Minister for School Education for Tamil Nadu Government.

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Probe in the Matter Issued

According to an Indian Express report, the district collector of Cuddalore, Mr. K. Balasubramaniam has directed a probe in the matter. Depending on the inquiry’s outcome, the district collector will issue an action.