In the recent Burari murder case that has sent waves of shock, a driver upset over being sacked ended up electrocuting & strangling DU professor’s wife. The incident was reported from North Delhi’s Burari where the accused worked as driver for a couple. According to reports, the accused took the drastic decision of killing his own employer after the employer’s wife asked her husband to evict the man from the home and also remove him from the job. Further, the police found the man “nervously sitting” in Burari on the roadside and confessed to killing his employer’s wife, someone whom he considered his ‘sister-in-law’.

Reportedly, the victim’s name was Pinki (31) and her husband was employed at Delhi University as an assistant professor. The accused has been identified as Rakesh Kumar (31).


For years, Delhi has not only been known as the national capital, but also the crime capital of India. According to the 2020 NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) report, Delhi reported the highest crime rate among 19 metro cities that has over 2 million population. This was the second consecutive year where Delhi topped the charts of being a high-crime prone city.

Reportedly, the Delhi police stations registered as many as 2,45,844 cases under multiple sections of the IPC. This puts the overall rate at 150 cases per one million population in the city.

More alarmingly, Delhi also reported the maximum number of rape cases among all 19 cities. At 967 rape cases, Delhi led the crimes against women race as well.

Recently, a shocking crime from Burari is making its way and will be added in the list of hundreds of murders that were reported from Delhi.

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The Facts of the Matter

A 31-year-old man killed his employer’s wife by first strangling her and then electrocuting her. The incident happened at Burari and the wife of the employer was identified as Pinki (31). According to reports, the man, in a fit of rage after he was sacked by his employer, took out his anger on his wife.

It was also later revealed that it was the employer’s wife, who had asked for the eviction and removal of the accused worked as a driver at the employer’s house. The man who had hired the accused has been reported to be an assistant professor at the Delhi University.

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Victim Was Like ‘Sister-in-Law’ For Accused

Reportedly, the accused was found by constable to be sitting somewhere in Burari nervously. When interrogated, the accused confessed of killing the wife of his employer. The police quickly detained him and he took the police to the scene of crime and the dead body of the woman was found.

The police sent the dead body to the mortuary for the postmortem and an investigation soon began. During the questioning, the accused revealed that he was appointed by the DU professor 4 years ago. The professor also let him stay in one of the rooms at his own home after the accused got married.

Employer’s Wife Complained About Accused, Evicted Him

However, it all changed quickly after the professor got married earlier this year. The professor’s wife started complaining about accused and soon, he was asked to evict the home. The accused took to another home in a nearby locality.

Meanwhile, the wife of the professor, and her family convinced him to remove the accused from his job. Rakesh was truly devastated, and soon he hatched a plan to remove the wife of his employer from his way.

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Victim Was Alone, Accused Electrocuted Her Dead Body

Somehow, the accused found out that the professor and his mother had gone out and wouldn’t be home for a while. The accused then went to his employer’s house and committed the horrendous crime.

Investigation revealed that the accused first overpowered the wife of his former employer and strangled her. He also gave her an electric shock and fled the home. It should be noted that the electrocution happened even after the victim had passed away due to strangulation.