In a rib-tickling turn of events reported from Madhya Pradesh, a 3-year-old boy reportedly approached the police station in his village, and filed a complaint against this mother for ‘candy theft’. The cute video of the 3-year-old kid standing next to a female cop, and narrating his ordeal, has since gone viral on social media.

It so happened that earlier on Sunday morning, the mother of the Dedtalai, Burhanpur boy got him ready. The mother wanted to put some kajal on the child after bathing to protect his eyes. However, the 3-year-old boy, who never liked the entire process of having kajal applied, started to gripe her mother about the matter.

When the child continued pestering his mother, she put a light slap on his cheek. This annoyed the 3-year-old to such an extent that he decided to approach the cops in the matter. The kid reached the cops and started narrating the entire incident to Sub-inspector Priyanka Nayak, who herself couldn’t stop smiling at the child’s innocence.

In his complaint, the kid mentioned that his mother slapped him, and also stole his candies. He asked the cops to “put her in jail”.

Later, MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra spoke to the kid on video call, and promised sending him chocolates and cycle this Diwali.

The Facts of the Matter

Kids say the darndest things and often their actions, no matter how drastic, can put smile on the faces of adults who get reminded of their own childhood and innocence. In one such incident, a video of a 3-year-old boy from MP’s Burhanpur has gone viral where the kid is filing a complaint against her mother for “candy theft”.

The part-cute, part-funny incident transpired in Dedhtalai village in the Burhanpur district, Madhya Pradesh.

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Child Gets Irritated Due to Kajal

It so happened that earlier on Sunday morning, the mother of 3-year-old Saddam got her son ready and brought him near her to apply kajal on his eyes. Saddam never liked being insisted on having kajal on his eyes and started to resist her mother on this particular occasion as well.

Mum Slaps 3-Year-Old

An irked Saddam continued to gripe about the kajal, and in her annoyance, her mother put a light slap on the cheek. This annoyed Saddam to such an extent that he approached his father and complained him about his mother’s actions. He further told his father that he wants his mother to be put in jail.

Saddam’s innocent anger made his parents laugh, and when he kept on insisting, his father decided to take him to the station. At the station, when Saddam told why he was there, it caused all the officers to laugh and smile.

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MP Cop Takes Kid’s Complaint Against Mother

However, seeing how serious Saddam was, Outpost In-Charge SI Priyanka Nayak decided to accept the kid’s wish. She took a chair, and started jotting down Saddam’s cute complaint. In the video gone viral, Saddam can be seen narrating the entire incident, claiming that his mother also “steals candies”, and insists that the cops put her in jail. Meanwhile, one can see how SI Nayak jots everything down with a smile on her face.

Watch Video here:

While speaking to The Week, SI Nayak said, “He ensured that the name of his ‘Ammi’ was put in the complaint though he did not know the actual name of his mother”. She also added that the 3-year-old kid confidentially scribbled on the paper when she asked him to ‘sign’ the complaint.

MP Home Minister Promises Chocolates, Cycle

The video of the entire incident went viral on social media, following which MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra too called the child on video call. He promised Saddam of sending him chocolates and a new cycle on Diwali.

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Similar Incidents From Recent Past

Earlier in April this year, a 6-year-old Andhra boy went to the local police station to file complaint about traffic near his school.

Similarly in November 2021, a class 3 boy in Andhra went to the cops to file a complaint about his classmate who stole his pencils.


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