The state of Maharashtra is severely affected by drought.  As the days pass by, people are getting more and more concerned about the depleting water resources. In Marathwada, people have run out of water resources after their water resources dried out. Aurangabad area is also hit hard by the draught. The villagers have to travel an extra mile every day in the crouching sun to fetch water from the far areas. 

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Maharashtra facing Serious Drought But Beer Factories There Supplied With Sufficient Water.

Not only Maharashtra, but Chennai city is also severely affected by water resource depletion. Many cities in India are diseased with draught but the government choose to ignore the fact that lakhs of Indian citizens are getting affected by the same. They have not been able to provide even drinking water to the people.

The silicon city of India, Banglore has also not stayed unaffected by the water crisis. The city which primarily dealt with traffic problem is now indulged in minimising the draught problem. People are moving out of cities to avoid the problem. 

For those who are even a bit concerned about the environment, it has been stated by the world bank in a recent report that by the year 2020, 21 cities in India will have zero groundwater level and will be declared completely dry cities. Is this alarming yet?

Well, maybe not because you don’t have to deal with the problems of others right?

Well, guess what, not a single person but every single one of us is responsible for this chaos. The government has totally neglected the fact that life is not possible without water. The cities are drying up due to over usage of water by the growing population, people are doing unplanned constructions around the country making it hard to supply water to everyone in an unbiased manner. The upper-class areas have to stay watered and thus the people of villages and slums have to actually face the issue of non-availability of clean drinking water. 

The major Indian cities including Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Amravati, Solapur, Shimla are moving towards a severe water crisis. India’s groundwater level has declined by around 54%. The estimations by researchers say that there is a good chance that India’s 40% population might not even have drinking water by 2030. 

I suppose we all want the famous Nostradamus’s prophecy to come true about how the 3rd world war will be in the name of Water.