In a surprising turn of events, two California officers, who arrived at a Punjabi wedding after receiving a noise complaint, joined the party instead, with viral video from the event showing them dancing to Punjabi tunes instead. The incident was reported from San Joaquin, a county in California and occurred earlier this week on Wednesday.

It was an evening of dancing and celebrating for Manpreet Toor, who was scheduled to marry her fiancé Raman. On Wednesday, friends and family had gathered for the Jaggo ceremony, a ceremony which is held the night before a Punjabi wedding. As it was an outdoor event, friends and family were dancing without a care, and the loud music received the attention of San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

Two officers pulled outside the event venue and all the air, which was filled with cheerful music, was now filled with palpable tension. However, to the surprise of the wedding guests, the officers were “super chill”.

The wedding guests eventually asked them to join them on the dance floor and the officers happily obliged. The guests also taught the officers the classic, ‘turn the doorknob’, ‘turn the lightbulb’ dance steps.

The Facts of the Matter

We have often seen comedy films where police officers on duty often break into a dance and lighten up the seemingly tense situation. However, reality imitated fiction recently when two officers in California reached at a Punjabi wedding venue due to loud noise past 9.30pm, and eventually ended up busting some ‘Sikh-moves’ with the wedding guests on the dance floor.

Jaggo Ceremony was Being Observed

The incident was reported from San Joaquin County, California and occurred earlier on Wednesday this week. On Wednesday night, the family of Manpreet Toor was gathered to celebrate and take part in the Jaggo ceremony. For the unversed, Jaggo ceremony is observed a day before a Sikh wedding.

The pre-wedding celebrations included friends and family of the bride and groom. The night was young, and the celebrations continued. An abc10 report quoted Manpreet saying, “We just sang, we danced, we just partied because we were super excited. The music was really loud because it was an outdoor event.”

Loud Volume Reaches Sherrif’s Office

As it was an outdoor event, it was not long that the San Joaquin County Sherrif’s Office received alert of loud music coming from event. As the party continued past 9.30, two officers from the department decided to visit the wedding.

The tension in the air was palpable with everyone having the classic ‘cops are here’ look on their face. Manpreet in her interview said, “We were kind of nervous because we thought they were going to shut the whole party down and it was pretty early.”

Ultimate Twist – Officers Join Dance Floor

However, much to everyone’s surprise, the two officers joined the party instead of shutting it down. The family spoke to the cops and even asked them to take to the dance floor. The deputies in a viral video can be seen dancing whole heartedly.

The family also taught them the classic “turn the doorknob’, “turn the lightbulb”, “crush the cigarette” steps and the officers added their own twist to the dance.


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Police Department Thanks Punjabi Family for Hospitality

The video of the incident was taken by wedding photographer, Kanda Productions and was shared by them on Instagram. Meanwhile, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office also took to Twitter and appreciated the family’s hospitality. In a tweet, the office also added that the family agreed to turned down the music.


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