The most loved computer game of all times, Call of Duty is now also available on mobile phones. Call of Duty mobile has been launched and it can be downloaded on your mobile phone from Tuesday, 1st October 2019.

There has been news around for a while about the call of duty mobile game to be launched. However, the famous gaming giants ‘Activision’ & Tencent Games have broken the silence and launched COD- Mobile for the combat game lovers.

COD is one of the most loved games of all time and people have wanted a mobile version. Although there have been various alternatives available for the same on Google play and app store, COD lovers could never settle for any lesser than COD itself.

The companies have launched the mobile version of the world-famous game and it is available for download. Andriod & iOS based mobile users can download the game from Google Play Store & Apple’s App Store respectively from Tuesday, 1st October 2019.

As being said COD (Call of Duty) is one of the biggest competitors of PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground) Game. Although the gaming pattern & Interface of the two games are different, yet some experts believe that the launching of COD- Mobile will beat the reach of PUBG mobile.

The COD mobile has been launched with Battle Royale Gameplay mode which is being considered as the biggest threat to the PUBG mobile as this will have a similar gameplay pattern as that of PUBG classic event mode. Not only this, but the game has been also improvised already in terms of Graphics to beat PUBG.

A few months back, the developers had launched a beta version for the android users. The COD- beta version was available for a short period only and was taken down from the play store soon. And now Tencent has launched the stable build of COD-mobile for both Android and iOS after successful beta testing.

The beta users are those external users who exist outside the company and test the application/software/game on their devices and report the problems, bugs, etc while suggesting improvements in the pre-launch version. The company’s motive with the same is to get the feedback of the users about their app so that they can deliver the best output with their official launch. Companies do this for updates in existing apps as well.

The most interesting part is that Call of Duty Mobile is being published by Tencent Games, who is also the publisher of PUBG Mobile. The Call of Duty Mobile team had made an announcement a few days back on facebook about launching a stable version for Android & iPhone mobile users. The best part is that it is available for free. Although the game includes some in-app purchases that do not alter your gaming experience in general as the basic gameplay is for free and only the premium services are paid. This is the story of almost every game now, including PUBG.

The game is currently worth 1.1 GB without running files. And is compatible with all android and iPhones. However, it is suggested to have a processor above 2.0 GHz and a ram minimum of 4GB for a smooth and better gaming experience.

COD mobile may render competition to PUBG but the game is much different in many aspects. COD-Mobile has inherited some of the top features from its PC version. Further, there are several popular elements which add a flavour to the mobile version in itself.

It may have an essence quite similar to PUBG MOBILE but it offers the online shooting experience with its classic COD-style like the PC version. With newer multiplayer modes, choices between ranked or unranked matches, it has a category of mission modes including Search and Destroys, Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Domination, Hardpoint and Frontline. Apart from this, the developers have added the most iconic maps from the PC version such as Crash, Crossfire, Hijacked, Standoff, Killhouse and Firing Range to the mobile version as well.

Thus, we can not say that it is a replacement of PUBG mobile but yes, there is a good chance that it may affect the PUBG audience to a good extent.