As thousands of people have linked their bank account with Aadhaar, they have only one question: Can someone hack my bank a/c by knowing my Aadhaar card number? UIDAI took to Twitter to clarify the misconceptions and initiated the #AadhaarMythBusters campaign. Check out the article to learn more about some of the facts that UIDAI has presented regarding the Aadhaar Card.


Aadhaar serves as identification documentation. For getting any kind of official work done, people must present their 12-digit Aadhaar number, which the Unique Identification Authority of India assigns. It incorporates all personal information that should be kept confidential, making it highly sensitive to crimes such as fraud. Many people are concerned regarding their bank account being hacked if anybody finds out their Aadhaar number as so many people have tied their bank details to their Aadhar numbers. On Twitter, the Unique Identification Authority of India addressed some prevalent misunderstandings about Aadhaar Cards and their reliability. Many false claims have been pushing their way through India’s population, fueled by WhatsApp chat groups and people’s anxiety.

Let’s discuss some essential queries and their facts:

Query 1: Can someone hack my bank account if they have my Aadhaar number?

With just your Aadhaar card number, bank accounts cannot be hacked. Use Virtual ID (VID) or Masked Aadhaar, both extensively used options, if you don’t want to share your Aadhaar number. According to UIDAI, there has never been a single incident of biometric data from the Aadhaar database being breached. Your bank account is safe if you keep your bank’s PIN or one-time password confidential.

Query 2: How to ‘Lock’ and ‘Unlock’ your Aadhaar number?

With simply an Aadhaar number, it is impossible to access banking and other services. However, UIDAI offers customers a unique feature to lock and unlock their Aadhaar card numbers online to avoid financial fraud. The new “lock and unlock your Aadhaar number” feature will ensure that no one may use your Aadhaar card number without your permission because a Virtual ID authentication will be mandatory.

To lock your Aadhaar Number, send a text message with the subject line or caption, “Get OTP Last 4 or 8 Digit” of your Aadhaar Number, and then another SMS with the subject line or caption, “Lock UID Last 4 or 8 Digit of Aadhaar Number 6 Digit OTP.”

Additionally, to unlock your Aadhaar number through SMS, you must first send an OTP request with the subject “Unlock Last 6 or 10 Digit Virtual ID 6 Digit OTP” while using the most recent version of your virtual ID (if you have one).

Query 3: Is it essential to provide an Aadhaar card to obtain any mobile SIM or connection?

Aadhaar is not a prerequisite to obtaining a mobile connection or SIM card. Telecom users may optionally employ their Aadhaar numbers as KYC documentation and authentication while obtaining a new mobile connection under the Telegraph Act, 1885 modifications.


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