After recovering from the COVID-19 virus, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan took to his blog to announce that he is dealing with another medical condition: eye surgery. In his blog, Big-B gave a poetic spin to his challenging recovery progress and wrote:

“The day passes with nothing to do..cannot read cannot write..cannot just sitting there in oblivion.”

78-year-old senior Bachchan in his official blog wrote how eye surgeries at his age are “delicate” and how they “need precision handling”. He went on to say that the best has been done for his surgery and that he is hoping that he shall recover well soon. Mr. Bachchan also made a witty remark on his condition when he wrote, “The 78-year-old actor wrote on his official blog that “the best is being done” and quipped that he be excused for any typing errors. 🤣” 

In his detailed blog post, Mr. Bachchan also compared himself to the West Indies cricket legend Gary Sobers and recalled a story he heard about the legend. Although Mr. Bachchan himself wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the story, he recalled the story of how the West Indian legend saved a game for his team. 

During a match, when the West Indian team was on the brink of a defeat, Gary Sobers saw the inevitable loss coming their way. Sobers “seeing the eventual, opened up his bottle of rum and had a few .. when his turn to bat came he went out and scored his fastest hundred .. when asked how did he do it .. he said when I went out I was seeing three balls .. I was hitting the middle one  .. !!!!”, Mr. Bachchan wrote. 

According to the Kaun Banega Crorepati host, his condition too felt somewhat similar to that of Sobers. “I am seeing three letters for each word and hitting the middle button,” Mr. Bachchan quipped. Although Mr. Bachchan has not yet revealed the nature of the surgery he underwent, he said that the recovery progress is slow and he is supposed to undergo another surgery. “So its a long haul .. hoping of course that it all gets well in time for my schedule which begins in a few .. the new film with Vikas Bahl, tentatively titled ‘GoodBye’”, wrote Big B.  

He also wrote how touched he always is with the support and love he is shown by his fans across the world. Mr. Bachchan in his previous blog post announced how he was to undergo eye surgery, upon which he received words of comfort from fans. He called that an “emotional moment”, and wrote how he never expects to come his way and when it comes, it overwhelms him. The screen icon considers his fans his extended family and wrote “What would I ever do without the love and affection I get from this grateful caring and loving family.”  

The Sholay megastar also touched upon how he spends his time during the turbulent phase of life he is in. “You think then and wonder and imagine all the wonders of the World .. how and when and how much did all this happen .. the Universe the beings the complicated forms and their existence .. who made them, and why in this shape and condition and the genius of the Maker , if there is that Unknown Force , which created all this around us ..”  

The angry-young-men of the 70s showed his philosophical side and continued saying, “So you think might as well give it all up .. and just accept the conditions and exist to the best .. do the best that can be done not just for yourself but the others as well .. assisting just one to live well or live without fear without want .. just one ..” 

Mr. Bachchan concluded his blog post with a cryptic note which read, “Existence is mercilessly a complication .. an unresolved equation ..”