An 18-year-old car wash worker, Anna Harycki, from Indiana, United States, found herself in a surprising situation while doing her job on February 3, 2024. In a shocking turn of events, a female customer rolled down her window and hurled a cup of lemonade at Harycki, drenching her while she was washing the car.

Swift Retaliation

Harycki, taken aback by the uncalled-for attack, didn’t hesitate to defend herself. She quickly grabbed the high-pressure water hose and sprayed the customer through the open window, giving her a taste of her own medicine. The entire incident was caught on video and went viral on social media platforms, garnering millions of views.

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Employer’s Support

Harycki reported the incident to her managers, who were understandably appalled by the customer’s behavior. Taking a stand against such mistreatment of their employees, the car wash management decided to ban the rude customer and her partner from the premises for life, ensuring the safety and well-being of their workers.

Public Reaction

The viral video sparked outrage among the public, with many condemning the customer’s actions and praising Harycki for her swift and justified reaction. Social media users applauded the car wash management for standing by their employee and taking necessary action against the abusive customer.

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Importance of Respect

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of treating everyone with respect, regardless of their profession or social status. Service workers, like Harycki, deserve to be treated with dignity and should not be subjected to such unwarranted attacks. It is crucial for individuals to exercise basic courtesy and empathy towards others, especially in public spaces.


In a world where the mistreatment of service workers is becoming increasingly common, incidents like this highlight the need for employers to prioritize the safety and well-being of their employees. The viral video has sparked a much-needed conversation about the importance of respecting others and the consequences of such unacceptable behavior in public spaces.

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