In an incident caught on cam, a helmet miraculously saved life of a man when a trolly wheel went completely over his head. The incident was reported from Dahod, Gujarat. Further, the video is enough to make one grit their teeth and shudder in disbelief. Soon the small footage went viral on social media platforms and it’s now being looked at a testimony to how advantageous helmets can be.

It should be noted that this was the second of two major miraculous escapes in two days from Dahod, Gujarat. Earlier, on Monday, a video showing a man escaping death after coming under a bus went viral on Twitter.


On an international level, India contributes to about 11% of road casualties. To give you a perspective, the figure roughly says that about 17 people die every our on the nation’s roads. Further, According to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways report, casualties due to helmet non-compliance had surged up by 2.6% while casualties due to seatbelt non-compliance had gone down by 14.5%.

But even with such drastic figures, there are people still skeptical about the utility of helmets and seatbelt. Recently, a video has gone viral which speaks volumes on the utility of a well-built helmet.

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The Facts of the Matter

The monsoons in India are at its yearly peak across the states and cities. While reports of lives devastated due to landslides and flashfloods are common, accidents due to potholes are also getting common.

In one such accident, reported from Dahod, Gujarat a man and a woman fell from their two-wheeler due to pothole. The situation got close to a tragic end when a trolley which swerved past the couple, literally ran-over the man.

In any other event, such a devastating impact would have led to instant death or grave injury to the person involved. However, the situation had a happy ending as the man miraculously escaped death. All thanks to his helmet.

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What the Camera Showed

In the video now gone viral, a man and a woman can be seen on a two-wheeler. The man, who’s driving the vehicle loses his balance due to a pothole ahead of him. The situation goes from bad to fatal as a trolley attached to a tractor can be seen entering the frame from the opposite side. The man who lost his balance can be seen fallen on the road along with the women that sat behind him.

The matter got worse when the rear wheel of the tractor literally runs over the man’s head. It all happens in just 8 seconds. 8 seconds which must have felt like eternity for the man involved.

If one would not have known how things panned out, they would’ve assumed that the man would’ve died or would’ve been badly injured. However, thanks to the helmet, the man escaped death. He soon crawls his way out.

The woman, who was also carrying a baby, goes ahead and tries confronting the driver of the tractor-trolley. Meanwhile, a few people passing by help the man stand on his feet.

Watch Video Here:

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Another Miraculous Escape in the Same City

Interestingly enough, earlier on September 14, a man from the same city also escaped death in a similar fashion. In what could have been a tragedy, the man escaped unscathed after being run over by a bus.

The video, gone viral, shows a man trying to overtake a bus. The man was speeding and driving quite rashly, as it appears on the video. The bus hits the bike first and the man is taken by the front wheel of the bus.

However, the man gets a free-pass from a tragic death, and he can be seen limping off as a few people help him.

Watch Video Here: