Some incidents go so hilariously wrong that when they are caught in cam, they became the trend for all the wrong reasons. In one such incident, a Rajinikanth duplicate tried to mimic a stunt and failed miserably in process. The video of the mishap has gone viral with netizens asserting one point – there’s only one Thalaiva and no duplicate can come close to his greatness.


The man, the myth, the legend, Rajinikanth needs no introduction. For decades the megastar has entertained the masses, has been the reason for them to take to theatres and in-process, has garnered a following most celebrities can even think of.

For such reasons, it only makes sense that people would want to emulate him. For such reasons, it also makes sense that over the course of years, several lookalikes have emerged that do it all – spew his dialogues in the same pitch and tone, and emulate his style and charisma.

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Duplicate Tries to Emulate Rajinikanth – Hilarity Ensued

An unidentified lookalike wanted to do the same. However, his attempt on emulating the megastar backfired and was caught in cam to then go viral. The man was trying to pull off a Rajini-style gimmick on stage, however, he was literally caught in a bad place, and tripped in front of people. And as it’s the case with most occurrences, it was spread on social media and thousands and millions of people are now giggling at the outcome.

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This is what the video showed

The viral video was shared on Instagram by a user called ‘official_niranjanm87’. In the video, a Rajinikanth look alike was showing his swagger on stage, decked up in a black suit and the classic Thaliva sunglasses. He was even styling the salt and pepper beard that Rajinikanth has made a style statement in the past few years.

In an attempt to go one step above the swagger, the man tried to pull off a stunt on a chair that was kept beside him on the stage. The duplicate got recorded to kick off the green chair in style. However, the move backfired and the moment he tried to pull the stunt, he lost his balance, and fell straight to the ground, all the while having his leg stuck inside the chair.

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While some people around him rushed to give assistance, others did the most natural thing that comes in that situation – burst out laughing.

Watch Video here

Since its upload, the video has garnered over 50 thousand likes on Instagram and has amassed over 766k views.

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Health crisis ‘Warning from God’: Superstar Rajini

Earlier last year, Rajinikanth made all the buzz and all the spotlights were on him after he denounced starting his own political party. The megastar of South Indian cinema cited that his health scare was a ‘warning from God’ that he received. Rajinikanth took to Twitter and claimed that he had no intentions to lead people on into believing that he was a scapegoat.

In his statement, he also added-

“I see this as a warning given to me by the Lord. If I campaigned only through the media and social media after I started the party, I would not be able to create the political upheaval among people and win big in the elections. No one with political experience will deny this reality.”