In a incident caught on cam, 2 drunk women thrashed a man at a pub in Lucknow, and were arrested after the video of the entire ordeal went viral on social media. The incident comes just days after Lucknow was in the news for the Lulu Mall controversy.

Earlier this month, Lulu Mall in Lucknow was part of the national debate when some people were seen offering namaaz inside the mall. Prior to that, Lucknow was again in the news after a Zomato delivery executive alleged that some customers spot on his face, and hurled casteist slurs on him.

Last week, two women stirred up chaos on the 15th floor of Lucknow’s Summit Building where ‘Unplugged Café’ is situated. The drunk women allegedly assaulted a man outside the bar with the visuals of the incident going viral on social media.

The video showed a man in orange colored shirt taking relentless beating by a woman before the bouncers at the bar intervenes. One of the women can also be seen assaulting the man with a flower pot kept next to the pub’s door.

Earlier last month, a similar video of a drunk woman abusing and kicking a Mumbai police cop went viral on social media.

The Facts of the Matter

Recently, two women were caught on camera thrashing a man at a pub in Lucknow. The women were later arrested; however, it’s being reported that the victim in the matter did not file a complaint against the two women.

The incident was reported earlier last week on Thursday from ‘Unplugged Café’, a pub located in Lucknow’s Summit Building’s 15th floor. While the cause of the assault has not yet emerged, the incident was caught on cam by bystanders, who instead of intervening and breaking up the fight, took video of the drama.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video gone viral shows two young women and a man in orange shirt engaged in a vicious brawl outside a pub.

As the video progresses, one can see that the man is trying to not indulge in the altercation, and the two women are pushing him and assaulting him. People witnessing the brawl pull out their phones, in the hope to not miss out a single moment of the high-octane drama.

Watch the Video here:

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Accused Women Arrested

On Saturday, a day after the video of the two women assaulting the man outside the pub went viral, the accused women are arrested. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Prachi Singh, the police took cognizance of the incident and filed an FIR against the two women for causing nuisance at public place. The two women were identified through the video and the pub’s guest register to later be arrested. Meanwhile, the victim in the matter has not filed a complaint against the accused women yet.

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Drunk Woman Kicks Mumbai Policeman, Grabs him by Hair

Earlier in June, a similar incident of nuisance was caught on camera where an intoxicated woman kicked a policeman in Mumbai and further grabbed him by his hair. The woman was reportedly picked up by a cab driver from a pub. She started creating a ruckus in the cab itself, following which the cab driver alerted the police.


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