In an incident displaying presence of mind and bravery that was caught on cam, an alert RPF man saved a woman from being mowed over by a train in Bengal. The dramatic visuals were shared on Twitter by the RPF Adra Division’s handle. Reportedly, the RPF officer Bablu Kumar was posted in West Bengal’s Purulia station. Kumar saw a woman who was trying to deboard the moving train and accidentally slipped between the train and platform gap. Thankfully, the RPF officer swung into action as soon as he saw the woman’s condition and bravely dragged her out.

While the RPF officer must be lauded for his bravery, the incident sheds light on the carelessness with which some passengers board and deboard the train. Earlier this year, several videos went viral where passengers got close to death and were saved by the bravery of the railway department personnel.


Indian Railways manages the third-largest railway network in the world with the length spanning over 1,49,407 kilometers. Moreover, the passenger traffic in financial year 2019-2020 accounted to over 8 billion with the railway network transporting over 22 million passengers every day.

With millions of people departing and arriving from the trains, the margin of errors in the railway department’s operation remains negligible. However, there are times when due to human err, some accidents occur, or come close to occurring.

Recently, a woman in Bengal came inches closer to having a tryst with death when she fell from a train. However, she was saved by an RPF.

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The Facts of the Matter

Not only did the personnel from the Railway Protection Force do the job of maintaining the law and order situation, they are also authorized to deescalate situations on trains and platforms, and further, assist travelers in their journey.

Recently, an RPF officer gave a testament of his bravery and presence of mind when he saved a woman from being mowed over a train. The RPF officer was posted in Purulia station, 70 km away from Dhanbad. When the RPF officer saw that a woman was about to fall in the gap between the train and the platform, he rushed to help her. The entire rescue was recorded in the CCTV cam.

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What Did the CCTV Footage Show?

The CCTV footage was first shared by the official handle of RPF Adra Division. In the video, two women can be seen deboarding the Santragachi-Anand Vihar Express. However, as the train was picking up speed, the women decided to jump off the train.

One woman landed safely on the platform while the other loses her balance. Within a fraction of second, she comes fatally close to the train and platform gap.

Before the situation gets from bad to worse, two men, including RPF officer Bablu Kumar rushes to the scene. The officer makes it in the nick of the time and with all his might pulls the woman.

Watch the Video Here:

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“Hats Off”: Netizens Laud RPF Officer, Slam Carelessness of the Women

As always, the netizens had a lot to say in the matter. While some lauded the RPF officer, others slammed the carelessness with which the women jumped from the train.

Similar Incident Was Reported from Kalyan

Earlier in November a similar incident was reported from Kalyan.  Thanks to the alertness and bravery of RPF officer Updesh Yadav, a woman was saved after she fell on the tracks at the railway station. The entire ordeal was caught on CCTV which was later shared by the Central Railways’ twitter.