In a surprising incident caught on cam, an angry woman from Bhopal smashed papayas of a street vendor alleging the vendor’s cart hit her car. The woman also lashed out when she was told to wear a mask by bystanders during the altercation.

The incident was reported from Bhopal’s Ayodhya Nagar and was shared on social media a few days back. However, after it was reshared by several netizens, a light was shed on the incident and the video is now going viral.

In the video, the woman can be seen picking up papayas, one after other, and smashing them on the road as the vendor tries to stop her by giving justification. The video gives a glimpse of the anger and entitlement the woman was carrying. It should be noted that there’s no information as to whether a case was filed by either parties or not.

The Facts of the Matter

If anger rules an enraged person’s senses, then entitlement, pride and ego fuel the same anger. While we are often told the merit of having a discussion after a disagreement, most of the times, merits are thrown away after disagreements.

A switch is flipped in a person’s mind telling them that they are in right, and before one knows, chaos ensues.

An incident from Bhopal sheds the light on the above-mentioned feelings. More importantly, the entire ordeal was caught on cam, so that viewers can see the true implications of anger. In the incident, a women ended up pouring all her anger on a papaya vendor and smashed fruits from his cart in a fit of rage.

The incident was reported from Ayodhya Nagar in Bhopal. Reportedly the incident occurred a few days back. However, visuals of the same were shared on Twitter on Tuesday.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video shows a woman dressed in salwaar kameez taking one papaya after the other from the cart of a fruit vendor and smashing them on the street. The woman can be seen stopping a man driving a motorcycle and giving an account of the incident. She then continues to act on her rage and smashes some more papayas on the ground. Meanwhile, a car also passes by and the woman tries to stop the driver to give her side of the story. Meanwhile, the papaya vendor can be seen giving an explanation and trying to stop the woman by discussion. The woman appears relentless and continues her ordeal.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React Harshly to Woman’s Actions

The netizens reacted quite harshly to the woman’s equally harsh actions. While some claimed that the woman ought to be punished for her actions, others claimed that she will face the consequences for the same in some other way. People also called out the woman’s harsh behaviour directed towards the daily-wage earner.

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Woman Lashed Out When Called Out for Not Wearing Mask

After the whole ordeal, bystanders collectively tried confronting woman. In a subsequently shared video, a bystander taking the video can be heard calling the woman out for not wearing a mask. To this the woman aggressively lashed out and said that she had come down from her home to try and stop the man. She also tries showing the bystanders the dent on her car, alleging that it was the fruit vendor’s fault.

However, when bystanders told her about her overreaction, the woman chose to not indulge and went away.


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