In a shocking incident caught on cam, an Army jawan was shot dead due to a groom’s celebratory firing during his wedding in Uttar Pradesh. The victim of the tragedy was reportedly the friend of the deceased and the groom was using the deceased’s pistol to indulge in the celebratory firing.

The incident was reported from UP’s Sonbhadra district and occurred in Brahmnagar. The deceased was identified as Babu Lal Yadav, while the groom was identified as Babu Lal Yadav. The incident was caught on video, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

In the video gone viral, the groom can be seen standing on a chariot with the wedding procession around him. The groom suddenly fires a pistol as part of celebrations and at one point the bullet finds its way to the groom’s friend, and the owner of the gun, Babu Lal Yadav.

According to reports, the victim was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, the wounds inflicted by the groom during the celebratory firing were such that the victim succumbed.

For the unversed, according to an amendment made in The Arms Act in 2019, celebratory firing is a criminal offence which attracts two years of imprisonment and fine. Celebratory firing even with a licensed weapon at public gatherings, religious places and other functions is criminalized.


In April 2022, celebratory firing during a wedding at Uttar Pradesh left as many as six people, including a toddler, injured. As the groom was about to get on the horse as part of the tradition, a relative opened fire, wounding six people.

Meanwhile, in August 2021, four people were convicted in a case where a woman died due to celebratory firing in Delhi.

Every year, multiple instances of deaths occurring due to celebratory firing show that the menace is as real as it can be. Earlier, celebratory firing was criminalized only during wedding. However, in 2019, the Centre approved amendment in the Arms Act which criminalizes celebratory firing, even with licensed weapon, at weddings, functions, religious gatherings, etc.

The Facts of the Matter

A wedding in Uttar Pradesh became the venue for investigators and police officials after an Army jawan was killed due to celebratory firing during the wedding procession. Shockingly enough, the incident which was reported from UP’s Sonbhadra district, was caught on cam and visuals of the same are going viral.

The victim in the matter was identified as Babu Lal Yadav, an Army jawan who was at the wedding as the groom’s guest. Meanwhile, the accused groom was identified as Manish Madhesia. It should be noted that the weapon used by the groom belonged to the deceased.

What Does the Video Show (Reader’s Discretion Advised)

The video showed a wedding in full swing with the sound of dholaks and cheers erupting from all sides. The groom can be seen standing on a chariot like structure with the attendees of the wedding procession surrounding him.

Within seconds, the groom can be seen taking out a pistol and firing in the air. While the video clearly doesn’t show the deceased being hit by the bullet, one can sense the commotion from the moment the bullet leaves the gun chamber.

Watch the Video Here (Distressing visuals, Discretion Advised)

Groom in Custody, Deceased Took Leave to Attend Wedding

According to Amrendra Pratap Singh, Superintendent of Police, Sonbhadra, the groom and the victim were both friends and the Army jawan was on leave to attend the groom’s wedding. After the firing, the Yadav was rushed to the hospital and died during the treatment.

Following the tragic aftermath, the victim’s family filed an FIR against the groom and the groom has been taken under custody.


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