In a horrific incident caught on cam, an accident in Bengaluru took life of 7 people including the son of DMK MLA. The incident happened when a high-speed Audi rammed into a divider on the road in Bengaluru’s Koramangala. According to reports, none of the passengers, which included 4 men and 3 women, were wearing a seatbelt.


Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India was rocked by a road accident during the wee hours on Tuesday, August 31. Known for its vast stretches of highways and main-roads connecting the massive city, Bengaluru is also infamous for the number of accidents it witnesses each year.

The recent accident which occurred on Tuesday, claimed the lives of 7 people – including that of the son of DMK leader Y. Prakash. Along with his son, the DMK leader also lost his daughter-in-law. According to reports, the terrible crash took place in Koramangala, one of the largest neighborhoods of Bengaluru situated in the south-eastern side of the city.

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What the Camera Showed

Certain glimpses of the accident were recorded by the nearby CCTV cameras. The footages retrieved shows 4 massive block posts built over a footpath being completely toppled due to the high speed of the Audi.

While the CCTV footage couldn’t capture what the car really crashed into, one can see the rear end of the car suspended in the air for a second before the car ricocheted to be thrown on the ground. What made the footage absolutely spine-chilling was the immediate aftermath of the accident. An object, seeming to be the tyre, can be seen rolling away from the spot, eerily.

Certain images of the aftermath of accident truly captured the nature of the accident. The car, was completely damaged with its front portion crushed due to the impact. The car’s steering wheel along with its windshield and other crucial elements were seen in the images to be completely destroyed.

Watch CCTV Footage Here:

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More Details Emerge

After the accident, more details emerged as to what exactly transpired in the final moments of the accident. The Audi car reportedly lost its control and after ramming into divider, it rammed into the Punjab National Bank compound wall. The car, which was completely destroyed, is currently being reported as Audi Q3, the 5-seater luxury SUV.

According to reports, 4 people were sitting in the rear end while 3 people were sitting in the front. The victims have been identified as. – Karunasagar (25), his wife Bindu (28), Ishita (21), Akshay (25), Dhanush (20), Rohit (25), Utsav (25). 6 of the 7 involved in the accident died on the spot while 1 of them died while receiving treatment at the hospital.

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Airbags Didn’t Activate, Passengers Not Didn’t Wear Seatbelts

Investigation as to what happened during the final moments is still underway, but the police has confirmed that the Audi Q3 airbags didn’t activate on time. Further, not a single passenger in the car was wearing a seatbelt.

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