In a moment of absolute bravado caught on cam, a brave railway employee rescued a woman fallen on a railway track. According to a video shared by the Central Railway, the incident occurred earlier on Sunday at the Kalyan Station, Mumbai. In the shared video, an alert points man, identified as Shivji Singh, rescued a woman who had fallen in a gap that was between the platform and train. The video has evoked positive response amongst netizens who have commended the points man and his bravery.

The incident comes just a few months after another Railway employee saved the life of a woman who had slipped while trying to board a train in Mumbai.


The Mumbai’s suburban railway system is one of the busiest railway systems in the world. According to reports the local trains carry as many as 7.5 million passengers every day. To cater the ever growing and ever populous city, the station has grown to 126 stations with 309 over bridges.

With such sheer numbers, its applause worthy the way the suburban network works like a fine-tuned machinery. However, the station was to witness a tragic accident had it not been the bravado of a points man. A woman had fallen beneath the gap of the platform and the oncoming train.

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The Facts of the Matter

The Central Railways shared a video of a brave points man (a person in charge of railway points) who saved the life of a woman in Mumbai. The incident occurred earlier on Sunday at the extremely crowded and busy Kalyan station. When train number 02321 started departing from the Kalyan station at about 11:54 AM, a woman fell into the gap that’s ever present between the train and station platform.

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What the CCTV Footage Showed?

In the barely 11 second video, the viewers can see a woman being dragged by a train that was departing from the station. Soon, a train points man lurched forward and he was joined by a crowd of good Samaritans.

The woman was seen being dragged tragically to the other side, however, to her good fortune, the assistance of the points man and the crowd worked out for the best.

Watch the Video Here:

Netizens React to Woman’s Dramatic Rescue:

The bravery of the points man was lauded by netizens who commented positively on the incident. While some netizens appreciated the bravery of the people, others commented on obvious safety issues.

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Similar Incident Happened at Vasai Station

In a similar incident reported back in September 20, 2021, a female passenger at Vasai Railway Station tried onboarding a train but slipped. The incident could’ve resulted in a tragedy, but thanks to the brave community, she miraculously lived.

The CCTV footage showed a train leaving the Vasai station. In a few seconds, a woman tries boarding the train but slips in the process. The train’s speed was such that the woman is being dragged. However, a passenger grabs her and drags her to safety.

Netizens React to Vasai Woman’s Rescue