In a tragic incident caught on cam, a bulldozer tyre burst while it was being filled with 2 men near the tyre getting blown up and dying tragically in mishap. The incident which reportedly occurred earlier on May 3 was reported from Sitara industrial area, Raipur. The two men that ended up losing their lives were blown away into smithereens as they were extremely close to the bursting tyre.

The hair-raising video caught on CCTV shows two workers in the Raipur’s industrial area filling the huge bulldozer tyre. One of the men who lost his life came dangerously close to the tyre and further pressed the tyre multiple times to check the pressure. In a fraction of second, the tyre exploded. Such brutal was the impact of the explosion that the two men got blown away and were later reported to be dead.

A probe has been launched in the matter. According to reports, the two deceased men belonged to Madhya Pradesh.


According to National Crime Records Bureau, India reported as many as 3,74,397 accidental deaths in 2020 with accidents on road attributing to over 35% of such deaths. Among all the accidental deaths, as many as 7,405 deaths in India were attributed to ‘forces of nature’, with 3,66,992 persons meeting their deaths due to ‘other causes’

‘Other causes’ is a giant category with subcategories such as human negligence and deliberate causes of incidents. In ‘other causes, a total of 5,88,738 cases were reported in 2020 with 3,38,903 injuries.

The Facts of the Matter

Tragedy unfolded in Raipur’s Sitara Industrial area earlier on May 3 as two men were blown into pieces while they were filling air in a bulldozer tyre. The entire ordeal was caught on CCTV camera which showed a normal uneventful day turn into a devastating one within a fraction of seconds. According to reports, the two unidentified men who lost their lives belonged from Madhya Pradesh.

What Did the Video Show? (Reader’s Discretion Advised)

The hair-raising video caught on CCTV shows two workers working in a garage like workshop. One of the two men can be seen filling an air in a huge bulldozer tyre. Meanwhile, the second person comes and presses the tyre multiple times in order to ascertain the air pressure. Within a fraction of seconds, the two men were blown into smithereens as the tyre exploded out of nowhere. Such was the intensity of the explosion that it blew off the two men who were nowhere to be seen in the immediate moments following the explosion.

Watch the Video (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):


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Similar Incident Occurred in MP in 2021

It should be noted that such incidents, although rare, can transpire when safety is not followed. Earlier in 2021, a mechanic who was pumping air in a truck tyre was killed with parts of him blowing into pieces. Reportedly, the tubeless tyre bounced off the rim and the victim took the impact of the weight of the tyre on his face. The victim, later identified as Ajay Kushwaha, was thrown about 20 ft due to the explosion and died on the spot. Ironically, moments before the incident, the victim himself had asked people sitting close to him to move back.


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